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Monday, February 12, 2024

Regretted not Watching The Super Bowl??

               As  you know I wasn't online much yesterday minus the premiere and I thank you guys to those who popped into the chatroom on that day. I am more talking about Super Bowl. I was at my brother, sister in law and my niece and nephew's for Super Bowl 58. We had fun and was nice to spend quality time with the family. I know it wasn't the result some of us didn't want obviously. We started a count how many times they showed Taylor Swift and what we counted was 15 times, that is what my nephew said. 

             Now do I regret going? No! It was an opportunity to spend time with the family and watch the biggest sporting event that happens every year! Yes I felt like I should of stayed home and watch shows with my mom but yet again there is always tonight to watch but right now I am out and about with a friend and former staff from my previous team I had before CBOTW Media. Was upset about the results but it is what it is honestly. What matters is I enjoyed my time with the family and that is what truly matters in the end. Anyways that is the post as I am pressed for time posting this but I will as always talk to you tomorrow! 


Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Green Bay Packers- Week 7

               All I can say is, I am not merely pleased with the Packers. As of a fan, I do feel like if they do not make the post season for the NFL, I can see a ton of changes being made in the off season. However this year, most of the problems was injuries that we had. Maybe it is time to make some change around.  Anyways the main problem this season is injuries. We have had a ton of them left and right and that doesn't help whatsoever with us winning games. Yeah I am disappointed by their performance. I am also frustrated Rodgers said he wanted to be traded off the team but ends up staying which confuses why he stayed and not pushed to be traded. Right now with all these injuries, we cannot do anything but play the game. Not an easy situation to be in, I know and disappointing to us fans.

             I still watch every week but at a point I am not going to pay attention to the game. Yeah the game was close and they had a lead this week but blew it.  They should of at least have won this game as the record for Washington was a but worse but I am just at this point beyond frustrated next weekend I may not watch the game and take a break but that isn't like me to do that I wanna stay loyal to the team through thick and thin of things. Maybe it is just time for the team to rebuild again, just have that very odd feeling right now. Anyways that is the post for today, not a professional blogger or sports writer but my thoughts on the game and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 



Friday, November 2, 2018

The Green Bay Packers Talk Blog Post...

             I have been quite frustrated with the Packers since the start of the season. I mean they had a solid start but since Aaron Rodgers knee issues it hasn't been easy for us especially having our quarterback with knee problems but we are hanging in there. I know they almost won against Los Angela Rams and I was quite impressed. What is also good is our division is very close together in Wins and Losses so anything is still possible as we are now at the half way mark of the season, they need to start picking up the pace and start to win if they want to even make a wild card or even win the division. I know Detroit Lions are in last then Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bear then the Vikings. So anything is possible at this point where any team can win. I am keeping a positive attitude throughout the hard times and games they go through each and every week. I think it will come down to the final game of the season to decide who is going to win the division and who will be second in the wild card game.

                   It is understandable to feel frustrated especially when it came to Rodgers knee issues but that is what happens when you are an athlete you will be more vulnerable to injuries and I know that as I was once an athlete and the ropes of being athletic and I am even after being retired from Softball am dealing with a bunch of problems with both knees where the knee cap is out of align or the track is not right like I mentioned in a previous blog post in the past, I can relate to the entire Aaron Rodgers thing where it is a struggle to even play football. Playing this sport or any sport involved in running can sure be taxing on the poor knees and I know that and you guys know that who have been a fellow follower of this blog for years now since its inception in 2014, nearly 4 years ago I have dealt with a lot with my knees so once again, I can sure relate.

                 However i am excited to see what happens the rest of the season and who will make it to the playoffs and hoping Green Bay Packers are in a playoff position coming out but we will find out as the rest of the season plays out. I am just going to be patient with losses, teams will win some, lose some. Just gotta deal with it and that is what I am doing and I admit I was going to go off at them but it's not me to do that. Green Bay is my team and I got no right to bash them. In the end I need to remain respectful to my team and keep on supporting them threw the good times and the bad.