Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Talking About The Blue Jays & Their Next Season

              I know right now things are on hold right now and we do not know what the plans or what they want to do. Mostly I wanna focus on the Blue Jays. They really look solid and getting the pieces all put together for a World Series team. I know we lost Semien and Ray recently but  it's going to happen. There is only so much we can spend on players and I totally understand. Yeah I was quite upset when they both weren't going to return but again players will come and go. The players they got just before this strike happened sound like really amazing players and cannot wait to see them play ball. I have to put my trust in the owner and management of the team  as they truly know what their doing, more then I would but yet again I am more of a baseball fan over hockey and yes I will watch the occasional hockey but I am going off topic. 

            Whenever they decide the season to start, I wonder if they will let them have some kind of training camp before they start the season but the question is when. I think we can definitely get into the playoffs if the season starts on time and yes I am kind of saying in a scenario but what I heard some say end of January some say mid February some say March 1st which they will have a 3 week free off season and then short training camp and start a week later according to CBS Sports and I linked the word CBS Sports so you know where I sourced this information which is what you have to do as a content creator when talking about something like this. However we just have to wait and see and when it does return I am excited to see how they will do and how their season will go. That is my post for today, thanks for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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