Wednesday, May 29, 2019

My Thoughts On The Toronto Raptors...

              First of all I can say this I am a proud Toronto Raptors fan and I had a feeling this was the year at first, however I was unsure with this Eastern Conference but they sure surprised me and I can say this really excite me winning 100 - 94. The coaching and changes we have made on this team this year really helped us. Having Leonard has been a great asset to the team. This year they sure proved they deserve to be in the NBA Finals. Also the fact that we beat out the top team in the East and once we got the lead we definitely had a good momentum going on. This team is truly an exciting team this year and love this team and proud of them. Least we have one decent team going far and the Leafs and Jays will be going that way eventually too. I shouldn't doubt them and I should let them surprise me and that is exactly what I did and boy I am over the top excited and words do not describe how I feel. I honestly haven't been excited for a Toronto team since the Blue Jays had those 2 amazing seasons where they made the playoffs and of course with the new young Leafs team. We have a very talented basketball team and we the north is our motto we use and We The North are going all the way and winning it this year. I truly think this is our year and the finals will be ours for the taking. Golden State will not be back to back champs this year, it is truly our turn to be Champs!

                 Raptors win the NBA Championship then it will make history as the first Canadian and only Canadian team to win as the Grizzlies never did win a Championship and unfortunately moved down to the states leaving us the only Canadian team left in the league. I cannot wait for the championship to start and I will be watching the game tomorrow night and ready for the game and ready to see our team do so well. I think the game tomorrow will be a close one and the series will probably end up in 6 or 7 games like the Milwaukee Bucks game did. Either way this will indeed be a great series to watch and I am excited for it to start. Only thing that is really exciting right now as the Jays have been on and off with wins and I rather watch Basketball then baseball right now and I just want the Raptors to win the championship... It is truly our turn to be the Champs and I plan on attending with my dad the parade when and if they win I will be attending the parade and I am sure it will be a crazy with lots of people but I shouldn't jump to conclusions we are going to win as it hasn't even started yet. Starts in 24 hours so I shouldn't get excited till the series begins tomorrow night.


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