Thursday, May 30, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Has Been Renewed for 2 More Seasons

            Over the last while I have been hiding the future of the podcast as I only announced the 1 season but I already knew since the announcement of Survivor Island of the Idols, that I would be returning for 2 more seasons to the podcast as Producer and Host. I'm sorry I kept this from you guys longer but I now want to make it clear it will be returning for a 11th & 12th season which is a heck of a run for a podcast, Reality TV podcast that is. I never thought in the 3.5 years this podcast has been around it would of lasted this long and it has had a very healthy run for a podcast. Started small but growing each and everyday as new episodes are posted up weekly, to 2 or 3 times a week. Now what is the format for the summer and I will again relay this summer's timetable again plus the fall as well:

Summer 2019 (May continue Season 10 right into the start of the 10th season):

Big Brother 21
The Amazing Race Canada 7 

Fall 2019 (Season 11... ?):

Survivor: Island of The Idols (Season 39)

Winter 2020 (Season 12... ?):

Survivor 40

Big Brother Canada 8

               Now the scheduling as I said in my announcement about the summer schedule is coming just waiting till the right moment to make the announcement as  am still on the 10th season which has now become the longest running season in the history of the Podcast in 10 seasons now. But it is very exciting to have the podcast back for 2 more seasons and look forward to recapping Reality TV once again for you guys this summer and this fall. Get ready because there is plenty of Reality TV to cover for the next two seasons! We're not done yet nor close to being finished with the recaps. Plenty more to come honestly! I feel dumb to not of announced this sooner when I made the announcement for Season 11 but I should of mentioned Season 12 as well but I didn't and it was stupid move by me and I'm sorry but I wasn't thinking clearly honestly to realize that I was also returning in the fall too so that is my honest mistake but I came clean and now you guys know it is not only renewed for a 11th season, but also a 12th season which will take us to the end of the year and the rest will be decided later once I know more for the 13th season which will be coming out at the end of the year as usual as I make the announcement. 


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