Friday, May 31, 2019

What Do I Hope To See On Hell's Kitchen 19?

              Back in February Hell's Kitchen was renewed and I wanted to say I am excited it is coming back and yes I have tolled the idea of doing recaps on the podcast but that is besides the point as I need to talk to a few of my alum about this idea as it wasn't easy to do those recaps due to the fact it wasn't doing well so that's besides the point but I am ready for it and I actually would like to see an entire new bunch of chefs come in to compete for the the title of Hell's Kitchen and head chef position wherever it will be at. I think seeing full or partial returnees for the last 2 seasons is enough honestly and I am ready for a season with a new crop of chefs this time around. However, unless it is something good I will watch it one way or another. I will never miss a Chef Ramsey show whatsoever and currently watching Masterchef Junior which will be wrapping up next week and Masterchef which just started it's 10th season which is amazing. Anyways back to Hell's Kitchen, definitely would like to see some new faces but we have to wait and see what happens. 

             Now the next things I would like to address on the blog today is the fact that they are moving out of LA to all the way to Las Vegas which is a huge move and change for the show so I am excited what the new Hell's Kitchen is  going to look like and I am excited to see if Chef Christina winner of Hell's Kitchen 10 will be back as the Sous Chef as Andi hasn't been the sous chef for the last couple of seasons but I am guessing Chef Christina will be back. I am sure he's already asked her and I guess they will be recording around now or have already recorded this season but don't forget they have to cast first unless there are returnees which makes it easier but I am sure between now and mid summer they will be recording the season so it is ready to go for the fall as it happens just after Masterchef US Season 10 so won't be long after when the season ends. However I am very excited for the NEXT season and cannot wait to see what is going to happen next season. But for right now I have Masterchef Junior and Masterchef season 10 to watch and you can tell I am a super fan of these shows.


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