Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Toronto Trip PT. 2 & Wendy's Baconator and Frosty Food Review

           So obviously I was back in Toronto yesterday on a mission which I am keeping top secret but however it was a good day minus the mishap we had with trying to locate the bus out to the middle of nowhere, no mans land of Toronto and yes we were near the lake side however it took us a while to find the bus when it was a very short walk for us after all of that, we went all the way to Wellington Street for no apparent reason but luckily we figured it out and got the bus by a hair. We figured out that the bus don't even damn well stop on Wellington so we went from there back down to Front Street so we got extra exercise out of it one way or another. However we figured out the bus route and it all worked out well in the end of the day and we got where we were going and we managed to have a great day out in Toronto. Now the second part of the post today I want to talk about is a review of the Wendy's Baconator and Frosty. The Baconator was messy but it is always good when it is messy. The bacon had it's crispy bacon game and the way I like to have it.  Now when it came to the Frosty and I tried to drink it through a straw it just went half way then stuck so I ended up scooping it out with my straw which kind of stunk but it was really tough and half frozen so it was truly a frosty. I could of left it longer but I didn't bother. I'd give the burger a 5/5 and a generous 3 out of 5 for the frosty.

              We got back to Union Station and headed home. I was really out of it most of the way home and very quiet as I was extremely tired and I fell asleep after dinner all the way to 2 am and up the rest of the night but napped this morning. Tonight will be about me going to bed on time and getting the Power Rangers podcast done before Saturday which I am getting closer and closer to finishing up. Yesterday was fun and in the end there is still work to be done before Sunday before the more fun begins the actually recording of the episode. Either way I definitely think both Eric and I had a great day and a stress reliever from everyday life in general. 


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