Thursday, November 2, 2023

Let's Talk Special Olympics!

           Big shoutout to my friend and fans of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media for this idea to talk about Special Olympics. Now I have quite a history with Special Olympics. This started all in the late 1990's around 98 or 99. I was a bowler and I bowled for a very long time up to around 2012 when I ended up quitting bowling all together. 13 years on Friday nights that I bowled and I am still talk to a lot of peeps from that group and run into here from time to time. I was a good bowler, my highest game was and still is 228 at this moment. I did a lot of tournaments and was actually close to provincials once which I am very, very proud of that and I almost got a metal in Coburg Ontario at their tournament.

             Now in the summer time, I played softball with 2 teams. First started in May 2003 and I played with the Falcons for the one season that was shortened due to an medical emergency where I was taken to the hospital and had to have 2 surgeries to practically save my life. Then in 2004, I was on Delta Force from 2004 till 2011. The last year I was asked if I'd go back for one more year. Plus at this point I was hurting with knee issues at the the moment. At the end, I was riddled with problems, knee problems, wasn't able to hit the ball whatsoever. In 2012 I joined the Eagles for one season after one year off which I really bounced back with the hitting and overall year was amazing up to Midland when I was riddled with knee issues but I prevailed through the issues but I was emotional knowing this would of been my final year of ball cause of problems.  After the amazing final season I played basketball. I was on the low team and I wanted to stay on the low team anyways and help the other players and I always wanted to setup plays for baskets so you can call me the playmaker of the team. The season was shortened in the late winter into the spring when I was given orders by the doctors to not play while I was in physio to correct the issues. So that ended my sports career in Special Olympics and I hope you all enjoyed this story of my journey with Special Olympics and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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