Friday, November 3, 2023

What's going on with The Minecraft Server?

          So what's going on with the Minecraft server? I have been on it and been working on the Subway system and been tearing down old railways above ground and yet to have done that been tearing down the rails to the one where the snow is as basically I am planning to some how eventually resurrect the idea down the road perhaps. However the other 3 lines are being pulled down with the one that goes out to the desert is gone and is put under ground at this point. Also one that went to the villagers and ice world are gone and no plans for an underground but thinking about one to the villagers perhaps could be a possibility. 

           The other line going adjacent to the already completed line is being dug out but right now like I said I am removing lines above minus one line just the tracks but once the removal is complete then I will start working on the line on the north line above the property. However I am in and out of the game and haven't had the time to play so I am on and off the game. When I have at least an hour to play I will play but other then that I'm working around the clock on content which definitely has a priority. Even with the building, I have stopped working on it. I should actually finish the building at some point and I will. However when I have updates, I will give it but for right now, have a good weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday.


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