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Monday, March 11, 2024

I Haven't Been Transparent With You All Lately...

            I haven't been transparent with you guys much... I mean I have been going through some personal struggles with a friendship ending, which I do not really want to talk about it but I needed to be more transparent that depression has been real lately. I have been struggling and having a really hard time. I've kept and bottling things up which is not a healthy thing to do whatsoever. I need to start journaling how I am feeling and the book is next to me but I haven't yet written and I need to get to it and start journaling in it daily will help me release all this anger that I am feeling inside of me right now. I feel so angry at the situation and bottling it up right now doesn't help whatsoever. 

           Also my grandma's 1 year anniversary since she passed away was yesterday and I was feeling it yesterday. I noticed on streams how angry I was and I feel it this morning so I have decided to stop streaming video games all together and just do videos with behind the scenes and the weekly just chatting streams. I will be deleting the gaming content and I will be rebranding the channel but I will talk more about that on Wednesday's post. So I feel bad that I've let you guys down with not being transparent and I've noticed the hit it's taken on YouTube and Social Media. I promise to do better, be more transparent and be more open and honest with you guys moving forward. It will take me some time to start being more transparent and something I am going to start doing and planning to post more and be interactive with you all moving forward.

**** Update **** I have been diagnosed with Anxiety and going on medication, this will most definitely help me out. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, June 6, 2022

Post Studio Re-Opening...

              For one the entire day went well minus a few hiccups as I wasn't use to another body in the studio technically. However that is not the point of this post. The point is after what happened and boy crap hit the fan royally with ChrisBOnTheWeb:

1) My Community Manager/Assistant quits on me and me hiring a new one right off the spot: which considering I was one lucky person to find her and she's not too far away if we need to meet up with one another which I am sure it will happen one day down the line. The one took something way out of context but it is what it is I am moving forward.

2) Tech Issues Galore: I try setting up Euro Truck Simulator and my computer freezes up. I tried streaming and just lag on my end so I ended up shouting and getting mad and I ended up doing the typical Chris fashion and ended up rage quitting and threatening to delete the CBOTW Studios channel which I won't cause it has Behind The Scenes on there that is going up Tuesday and Thursday of this week. 

3) going down: This is the icing on the cake of the weekend from hell. I was all ready for the premiere and everything and goes down and was down well past 24 hours and this was pre-written Saturday night so who the heck knows if it is up Monday morning but soon as it is back episode that is missing will be uploaded immediately and hopefully this doesn't interfer with other upload days or I will be even more mad and yelling and probably cursing and threatening em like I did Saturday night that I'd pull the podcast off of there for good and move to Castbox which is an option I am thinking about as it may be the only choice at this point cause I am tired of the issues with this platform.

               So post studio opening was rough but glad the actual day went fine. Just what happened after the fact that really peeved me right off and I just do not know what I wanna do with the podcast situation yet and I will probably have an announcement with the plan moving forward by Wednesday. That is my post, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Sick Of Being Isolated and Stuck At Home!

             I am just tired of this pandemic. It has affected me physically and also mentally but mostly mentally. It has been an mental game for me in the last year and I am just tired 24-7, my sleep is so screwed up to be honest. I am up most of the night then sleeping till the afternoon at times which really screwed up for my sleep to be honest. There is nights that I am up all night and sleep and I've ended up banned 3 times since the lockdown and honestly I am done with Facebook and about to delete my account entirely as a whole and just stick to Twitter and Instagram. However back to being stuck at home, really got nothing to do either then work itself for this website or video games or card or board games but to be honest, it gets boring after a little while and the same routine day in and day out. Yeah I can go for walks and once and a blue moon make a trip to Walmart but I do not do it too often and some other days I find myself stuck at home and bored out of my mind. I also find myself napping for 3 - 4 hours at a time which really does mess up my entire sleep schedule.

              I need to get it fixed and fast and I probably be a lot happier person to be honest. This pandemic has made me fat again and I've gained weight and I haven't been overly active and I try to walk but no matter what I do I seem I am just a fat loser now at this point. I really am just sick and tired of this pandemic and wish it'd get back to a new normal at this moment. It has been frustration after frustration and I ready to be able to go back out and see friends and have Larry and Eric back here again but that isn't happening as the damn cases in Ontario have gone up once again it just grrrrrrrr so frustration to be honest. That is my little rant blog for today and I will talk to you all on tomorrow's blog post.


Monday, November 9, 2020

Chris Is Not Happy With Net Issues Continue To Be A Problem!

               Chris is not happy and refuses to make blog posts and no clue whatsoever if he will be posting at all this week or I will be covering for him all week. I will explain what's going on. Last night we were testing out the live studio feed and his internet giving him issues and he's already spoken to Rogers Help and they say they are going monitor it for 10 days and email him an update and last time they said that it never happened. Total lie and he's on the fence and doesn't want anything to do with Rogers and has considered another internet company if he finally is on his own. Long story short, he is been in a mood since yesterday and hasn't said a word to me and has even told Larry that he's OFFICIALLY cancelled recording this week which is delaying the podcast yet again. He's really not in any mood right now and if he don't answer please do not be offended. 

              I will be around on both Facebook Page and Twitter throughout the day if you have any questions or concerns to what's going on with him. Really worried about his well being and his mental health. I know for a fact his mental health has gone downhill and maybe a week away from blog posts is what he needs to get his head back in the game again. He's deleted all the chat accounts and I've already removed the live pages as both the actual live page and the Live--Beta Test pages as both are now gone from the website back end of the website. He was really excited for this feature and the fact you guys get to see what he is doing during the week but cause of the net issues he's really in a bad mood and not sure how long this will actually last. I now wonder what is going on with the collab and he's cancelled the anniversary collab and sounding like no podcast at all this week at all and production is back to a stand still again. I can see why this podcast is going on Hiatus as of the conclusion of Dino Thunder. I guess I will talk to you guys tomorrow unless he comes around and is in a better mood but if anything changes please do check the social media if things change. I am more then happy to post for him while he's stepping away to figure things out.


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Canada Post Back Log is Frustrating!

              The end of this year has indeed has been frustrating with the Canada Post and it hasn't been easy with us getting mail as it is currently in a backlog at the moment which isn't good. I was worried end of the last month and the end of October if I remember correctly but the reason I was worried was because of the end of the month is cheque day and I was worried I wasn't going to get it due to the rotating strike going on around the province of Ontario so it was stress that was getting to me and I was quite frustrated and angry by this damn strike. Sorry I used the word damn but it is really frustrating and it's not the money portion part of the cheque it's the paper work that comes in the mail that helps me get my bus pass for each and every month of the year and gets me around the city and the region which does help quite a lot! Not only that as you all know it was my birthday this month and I was expecting a birthday card which I got several days later on the Saturday as we got a bulk of mail here at the house.

                We also suddenly started to not get mail whatsoever but I am glad my dad complained because they started deliver it again and it's not the same person who delivered the mail either which is not the same honestly but we gotta deal with this backlog of a mess and wish they would of made a deal sooner or we wouldn't be in this mess from the get go. Like seriously it was annoying enough to not get mail or things I had coming to me. Why the heck do you think I never put the order in for the second boom arm as I do not trust the mail service right now due to all of this backlog. I do not know when I will put the order in for the second boom arm, or maybe I will end up waiting till end of April or when the desk is fully rebuilt but at this point I do not know because I would of gotten it sooner if it wasn't for this blasted Mail strike. However in the end of the day of me bitching and complaining, I am glad I didn't get it or I wouldn't have seen it for weeks maybe months with this backlog so I did things right and I am proud to have wait things out while this backlog is fixed but soon I plan on making the order down the road when the time is right to do it.


Friday, August 3, 2018

Had a Not So Great Customer Service Experience....

                  So back on Monday I had rather not a great experience with the Dollar Store... I went in there with my friends on a Monday afternoon and at the end of the visit they had to go to the dollar store and I wanted to pick up some more books as you know I have a book with me when at events for Chris B On The Web to take notes of the event and what not. I got to the cashier to obviously pay for the book as I only wanted to get one. They said there is no bar code they should be in a package of 3, I told them there isn't books in packages, they were separate from each other. So their staff went to check and I said screw it and left and I haven't been back in there since and I will even mention if I ever plan to go back in there in the nearby future. 

                  The girl at the cashier I do not know if she was laughing at me or just like.... Uh OK, what is his problem, I didn't know as I left quite quickly as I was extremely mad with them, I didn't manage to look back as I left very quickly like I said before. I really don't care at this point, I moved on and Staples and Walmart will have my business from here on out as I just did not like the way things were done. How in the world am I suppose to know it comes in a package of 3? Like seriously I do not have x ray vision whatsoever so it is hard for me to know that it is suppose to come in a package of 3. Heck I never unwrapped it whatsoever, I felt like that was their insinuating but I know they weren't, it has to be one of their employees that did it and weren't properly trained to what has to be done or they were new staff or staff working for this summer only. 

                   Doesn't matter, I reached out to the corporate office to mention of this mishap or issue that I had and that I was not happy with the way things were done. They reached back out to me and they said they will look into it and deal with the situation. I do hope they actually leave it in a package of 3 with a bar code to scan it as that what this entire situation and hopefully this problem will be resolved but as for me ever going into that dollar store it will not be happening, I plan to going to another store, Walmart or Staples at this point which is disappointing to me.


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Blue Jays Rant (I'm Done With Them For The Year)

               Well, the Jays have really done themselves in by Trading J.A Happ, Osuna, Loupe and Axford. Now I realize with Osuna's situation and what he did earlier this year, it is a decision I respect the Jays decision on that but as for the Happ, Loupe and Axford, they were good pitchers, I mean why get rid of the good pitchers? Like come on! Happ was our Ace Pitcher and now we don't even have an Ace Pitcher because the Jays did away with him. Yes I realize Happ is older and we need to try get our team younger but having experience is also an asset in the team. I am allowed to have an opinion, take it or leave it. Axford was doing just fine as a reliever and I just do not understand what the logic behind this and we may as well never know what the logic will be. Now Brandon Drury probably will help us in this now long and painful rebuild. Yes this is a frustrating time for both the Jays and us the fans and I am taking time away as a Jays fan, I am not quitting but still a fan, just taking time away. I have been a Jays fan since I was small and want to continue to support the team but I am more into Hockey and Football mode, more football mode right now as the training camps are starting.

                  I also think that John Gibbons will not be with the Jays organization after this year as I do not agree with some of his decision he has made, like putting in Tepera who hasn't been strong on the mound when they were winning the game and of course their lead gets blown. I have just been feeling the frustration level getting more and more worse with watching the Jays, to a point, I just stopped watching the games entirely and just getting updates or watching the highlights. I do ask you in the comments, please do not leave hate messages in or the will be removed and you will be blocked from further commenting on the blog. I am entitled to an opinion and it is called freedom of speech which I have ever right to do, especially on my blog post.


Sunday, July 29, 2018

False Flagging on YouTube....

                  I am appalled at the false flagging on YouTube... I mean really? Here is the short end of the story, a friend of mine, got suspended for 2 weeks and they have minded their own business on the platform making great quality content as usual as I have been a subscriber for nearly 2 years now. I mean they did nothing wrong. This makes no sense, why report them when they haven't commented inappropriately nor break the Terms of Service on the platform? We both have an idea who it is and it is not worth to mention their name whatsoever. However false flagging is not cool and I wish it would be against the terms of service to false flag, because it is against the TOS on which is a broadcasting platform but they have it on their terms of service false flagging will result in a ban from using the platform. YouTube sure needs to start cracking down on the false flagging soon, because it is ridiculous on this happening to not only my friend but I have been a victim of that once, when I never broke the terms of service, whatsoever. 

                   Honestly, I am now happy with me being off the platform and doing my own thing and my own content now to this day. I am very much happier where I am at right now and hopefully will work harder on it in the coming months. But honestly YouTube needs to get their act together and realize non of my friends content is against the terms or service. The person just wants them off the platform for certain reasons and I have already reached out to The YouTube Team to try help him out and get his suspension lifted because I know he's not broken terms of service or seen any video that is hateful whatsoever so YouTube needs to do something about this false flagging because people will not wanna be on the platform anymore if they keep being false flagged. I know the algorithm isn't great but something has to be done. This is why I am making my voice heard on today' blog post as I would like to see something done about this false flagging which isn't necessary and waste of YouTube's time to check the channel for a TOS violation.