Monday, March 11, 2024

I Haven't Been Transparent With You All Lately...

            I haven't been transparent with you guys much... I mean I have been going through some personal struggles with a friendship ending, which I do not really want to talk about it but I needed to be more transparent that depression has been real lately. I have been struggling and having a really hard time. I've kept and bottling things up which is not a healthy thing to do whatsoever. I need to start journaling how I am feeling and the book is next to me but I haven't yet written and I need to get to it and start journaling in it daily will help me release all this anger that I am feeling inside of me right now. I feel so angry at the situation and bottling it up right now doesn't help whatsoever. 

           Also my grandma's 1 year anniversary since she passed away was yesterday and I was feeling it yesterday. I noticed on streams how angry I was and I feel it this morning so I have decided to stop streaming video games all together and just do videos with behind the scenes and the weekly just chatting streams. I will be deleting the gaming content and I will be rebranding the channel but I will talk more about that on Wednesday's post. So I feel bad that I've let you guys down with not being transparent and I've noticed the hit it's taken on YouTube and Social Media. I promise to do better, be more transparent and be more open and honest with you guys moving forward. It will take me some time to start being more transparent and something I am going to start doing and planning to post more and be interactive with you all moving forward.

**** Update **** I have been diagnosed with Anxiety and going on medication, this will most definitely help me out. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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