Friday, August 3, 2018

Had a Not So Great Customer Service Experience....

                  So back on Monday I had rather not a great experience with the Dollar Store... I went in there with my friends on a Monday afternoon and at the end of the visit they had to go to the dollar store and I wanted to pick up some more books as you know I have a book with me when at events for Chris B On The Web to take notes of the event and what not. I got to the cashier to obviously pay for the book as I only wanted to get one. They said there is no bar code they should be in a package of 3, I told them there isn't books in packages, they were separate from each other. So their staff went to check and I said screw it and left and I haven't been back in there since and I will even mention if I ever plan to go back in there in the nearby future. 

                  The girl at the cashier I do not know if she was laughing at me or just like.... Uh OK, what is his problem, I didn't know as I left quite quickly as I was extremely mad with them, I didn't manage to look back as I left very quickly like I said before. I really don't care at this point, I moved on and Staples and Walmart will have my business from here on out as I just did not like the way things were done. How in the world am I suppose to know it comes in a package of 3? Like seriously I do not have x ray vision whatsoever so it is hard for me to know that it is suppose to come in a package of 3. Heck I never unwrapped it whatsoever, I felt like that was their insinuating but I know they weren't, it has to be one of their employees that did it and weren't properly trained to what has to be done or they were new staff or staff working for this summer only. 

                   Doesn't matter, I reached out to the corporate office to mention of this mishap or issue that I had and that I was not happy with the way things were done. They reached back out to me and they said they will look into it and deal with the situation. I do hope they actually leave it in a package of 3 with a bar code to scan it as that what this entire situation and hopefully this problem will be resolved but as for me ever going into that dollar store it will not be happening, I plan to going to another store, Walmart or Staples at this point which is disappointing to me.


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