Saturday, August 4, 2018

When Is The Collab Podcasts Coming Out?

              I know you are wondering when is the collaboration is coming out, so you guys can listen to it? Well in today's blog I will explain everything from top to bottom of what the plan is and what I am planning for Chris B On The Web and yes this includes the missing which you can hear my sarcasm in this paragraph I am written so far as you continue to read on in this post. I can be quite sarcastic from time to time 😜 Anyways as you already know has been down for months and this is where the little announcement comes in and it ties into the now empty and sitting deserted website after 5 months of hell with trying to keep the site a float. No I am not taking the site fully offline or closing Chris B On The Web, first part of this announcement is that I am planning and starting the website work as of Monday Morning as the website will be returning very, very soon!

                The second part when returns, it will be the start of the collaborations as I am planning to release all 3 collaborations that are recorded and just recently edited and ready for release, I plan on releasing it once a week till finished which there are only 3 episodes to be released at the moment but more to come as Larry and I been in talks about going all the way to loss Galaxy which kind of ends from the In Space season so there is plenty to come in the way of collaborations to come and were both excited. I do not have an ETA on the website re-launching at the moment as it is a lot of work to re code and re enter every single podcast that I have done, 142 to be exact so bare with me while it will be hell and back to rebuild the website from scratch but it will be worth it in the end when things re open again in the very nearby future. Once I know the release date, more then definitely I will be giving you a date for releases of the collaboration and I may just wait till the start of October, to ensure everything is running smoothly on my website but I will let you guys know as soon as possible. 


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