Tuesday, August 7, 2018

So Sick of This Heat....

              Honestly I hate this heat... It has been HOT and when I said hot, I mean hot, I am talking about in the early 30's and we do not have air conditioning here in the house so it is quite hot, well minus the studio which is in the basement and is quite cool in here everyday in the summer but in the winter its colder and the heater has to go on. But anyways back to this heatwave here in Ontario. It's hard to sleep at night the last couple of nights, to a point I am up till 1 or 2 am EST in the morning and up around 1 pm which sucks. Not because of my back problem its more the heat that doesn't help me with my sleep situation and I was sleeping well before and even during the website work that had already start. Maybe the fact it was too hot in the house it doesn't help but should be cooler the fact I have my fan on full blast.

                 I mean it is frustrating to deal with sleeping in this heat but not only that but it is hard to deal with it during the daytime and trying to stay cool here in the house...  I mean the days that I go out to hang with my friends and have a social life, then I go to the mall and it is more definitely much more better there then here as the Mall has A/C and it truly does keep me cool while I am there but some days, too cool as they blast the AC full blast but hot days like these it is well worth it! I am totally trying to deal with this stinkin' heat and it is tough but I am trying to keep a positive mind of frame throughout this heat and dressing in cooler clothes and not wear dark colors right now as it is not a great idea to wear dark colors. But I am truly hanging in there and I cannot wait for fall to come as that is one of my favorite seasons of the year on top of spring!


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