Thursday, August 9, 2018

Technology Problems Today....

           As you all know, I tried going back live for podcasts and did some hard stress testing on Twitch and it did well up to the point it was dropping frames like crazy and I didn't have the chat was so quiet and I had peeps in the chat didn't really say anything but one of my own moderators so, I closed down my channel and I have made the decision to remain an Audio ONLY Podcast from here on out and I made a vouch that I would never go back to video broadcasting and what did I do? Go back on my word I wouldn't broadcast again and I feel kind of stupid to be going back when I said I was completely done with broadcasting. Plus I am quite busy with podcasts, the website, going to events, blogging almost on a regular basis, so it would be hard to fit it into my very busy and hectic schedule.recently as projects, I mean new "Reality TV" Shows keep popping up and the list keeps on going and going. Was it a mistake trying to return to casting? Yes. Do I miss it? Yes. But do I got the time to do it? No. I am just busy as heck right now to even think of making a return to cast again but I think about the friends I made over the years and very thankful for it.

            So what does this mean for Everything About Reality TV? Well, I am planning on continuing on with the Audio ONLY and recording the podcast  I will keep up with it and plan on adding on more shows to the list when new shows come up. The collaborations will be pumping out soon enough when the site is back up and operational again....  I wanna go back to the schedule I had before I started all this mass chaos. I want to make the right decisions for Chris B On The Web, not the wrong decisions and I feel like I've made the wrong decisions recently and it sure as heck don't look good on me to make dumb and naive decisions. i feel stupid enough to make this big mistake and hopefully I learn from this and move forward with the plans as CBOTW isn't out of the hot water it has been in for months with the no website situation for the past 5 months, soon to turn 6 months as of September of next month.


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