Saturday, August 11, 2018

Getting More and More Eager To Re-Open

                  The more I work on the website, the more I am getting excited for it to be re-opening. I know it's been a struggle to stabilize the website and it's been up and down for the past 5 months but in the end I am going full force for the website to re-open regardless if I get it done by goal date of September 1st or not. But I probably can say I am almost half way there, there is one page I have to duplicate which is this season's archived page this way we have it ready for the transition stage from the 7th Season to the 8th Season which is coming up very quickly. There was a reason why I didn't cover Big Brother 20 and the reason was because of the website problems, I needed to tackle and fix all the problems on the website and I needed the extra time as you know both Amazing Race Canada and Big Brother US 20 takes up a ton of my time and I just felt like I needed a Big Brother break as coming off Big Brother Canada 6, I needed a break and came at the perfect time as I was planning on trying to repair the website.

                      As you know I was with a provider and had the entire website re-built and ready to go but then my site got suspended. So I set it up for 000webhost and left it for weeks on end blanked out, till they decided to suspend me, which note this makes my second suspension of my website within the 5 month period. Yes I was going to give up at a point as it was extremely frustrating for me to keep on re-building the website but 000webhost and I can to an understanding it was a huge mistake and they have un-suspended my account since then and the rest is history as I make further and further progress on things! The site is getting closer and closer to being finished but it takes time and I rather not rush the job as this is a big project working on a website that's now become a huge thing, I want to do the job right first then having to keep on fixing stuff on the website every time. However I am very much excited for the finish of the website, it has been as long coming for this website to finally be stable... It's been a pain in my butt!  LOL


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