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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

I Originally Helped Build The Original

             This is going way back to the early days of us having a .com website or Chris so to speak like 2015 when he got the original which didn't have as many views as it does today to a couple of hundred of views a day which I will get into on another post another day this week as I have several ideas for the week. Anyways I want to go back 5 years ago when we just started out with a .com website, when this all became a reality. Yes we were a year and a half before ending YouTube as a whole but I helped Chris build the website from the ground up, pages added to the website the entire build of what was our very first menu bar which Chris hasn't really spoken about and I think he rather squash the fact he was with that provider as he's had his share of problems where they banned the website for no apparent reason not once but twice in the time which honestly was ridiculous. I'm sure it was being falsely reported but the point is we are with blogger now fully and love the way we have built up this website. 


          So I had a big hand in the build of the ORIGINAL website and have experience with the way runs so maybe that is why he has chosen me to help with the day to day operations while he's away. Now not only that I helped him build this website's pages and menu bar. Wasn't just Mark and I, it was a 3 man operation and there was a ton of work and it took us a long time. Chris mainly tested it and reported back to us as we did majority of the work switching on a regular basis. Either that doesn't matter who work on the website but I have learned a lot about building Menu Bars, CSS Code, IFrame and even building social media buttons within the website. This is how I am familiar with the build of our website. I hope you all enjoyed this story of how I was involved the website before we moved to blogger or blogspot on more permanent basis and I will talk to you guys tomorrow. 


Jim, CBOTW Admin/Community Manager

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Frustrated With Getting The .com Back Up and Running!

              I went to my former provider where I bought originally back in 2015 when I got it and I am appalled that I am not allowed to take the domain else where for example here on Hello! They don't own the domain anymore, the domain expired at the start of November! So they shouldn't have anything to do with it and they said it will expire within 40 days but it hasn't been available yet which is really starting to piss me the heck off as I want to move away from HostGator entirely and as you know this was my plan from the get go that I wanted to get myself away from them and away from 000webhost and it seems like I do not have that freedom at this point. It's like I signed my life away or a damn contract but when I didn't sign a damn thing. My domain was for 3 years! Those three years is up! Means I should have the ability of going elsewhere if I darn well please and it feels like I am stuck with the same provider and no freedom whatsoever to explore other options and now I have no other damn options or freedom. I got mad at em and I am glad I did because they do not own me! 

             What do I mean by that? Well because as you all know I got a Chris B On The Web shirt which now renders useless as I cannot now not re-register the domain elsewhere. The second point I would like to make I spent $51 dollars Canadian on the damn shirt which means I have now lost money from all of this. I am very, very pissed at this point. I did this to help promote CBOTW and that is now not going to happen at this point as I lost money from this and they seem to not care right now as they ignored my DM on Twitter and right now I plan on not answering their DM right now. I kind of feel like taking legal action against em but I feel like that is not the road to go, not as of yet. Yes the contract with the domain was 3 years and it was up and I should have or be able to go wherever I feel like I want to go since the agreement is no longer active as I have not renewed with them whatsoever. 

                 What is the plan now? I just do not know, I do not have a damn clue what is next for CBOTW or if IT will continue within the New Year at this point. I know this puts Everything About Reality TV and The CBOTW Show in jeopardy at the moment and it will have no affiliate or company that produces the podcast.  Hate to say this it may end up as an independent podcast down the road and Chris B On The Web may end up disappearing all together. Which means even these blogs will disappear too? I do not know but if I cannot be allowed to re use the domain under a different provider then this plan will move forward and Chris B On The Web will be dismantled all together and like I said before, the podcast goes independent. What about my social media handles? I plan on still using Twitter and Instagram with the same name just the site itself will no longer be in existence anymore which is fine and all great things must come to end and I just hope all of this will work out eventually. I got a timeline to when to make that decision down the road too.


Saturday, August 18, 2018

The .com Website is DONE!!!! No more 000webhost!

           I've had it with 000webhost for the very last time! My site, once again very much built and ready to release and yet again they either suspend my website or they made the website temporarily unavailable so I am going back to the original plan and sticking to the blogger page and eventually it be a .com website down the long road. This means the podcast will not be directly uploaded to here as it is a lot of information to post up on a small blogger page. But the Podcasts will be linked to here. However when it comes to the collaboration podcast will be on it's own page on the blogger page. I will be tinkering around with it over the next couple of days. The bad news, I have to re do the flyer for Autism Celebration which that was my original plan but it is a bit delayed now the fact I need to tinker as I am now needed to get this page ready as I am planning for a release in the next week from now so it is exciting as it is exclusive content. Also adding in interviews page to the blogger to the page here as well.

               So this means I have to tinker with this page a bit to add in the 2 extra pages but that's OK, it's better then putting in code after code into the website which took me hours and days to deal with so this is the better plan. Probably some yo, yo, reported me again and I honestly have my suspicions  who could of reported it but honestly I am sick of this crap, time and time again of losing my website after working so hard on it. I am better off with this website honestly as it is over 12.5k in views recently, a lot more then what I was getting on the .com website. Don't sweat it, I will be bringing it back in 2019 when I plan on renewing the domain under Google instead as I think this is the more logical thing to do. So for now this is what is to happen but again the podcast links are linked on the Everything About Reality TV Podcast page and you can find where to listen to the podcast each and every week when I post a podcast up on the feeds. I think this is easier for me and less stress on me. If requested I can post em up on a post on the blog but I am sure you guys are very much content. Finally be sure to subscribe or follow the blog and the page for on going content and updates on here and welcome to Chris B On The Web on Blogger!


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Getting More and More Eager To Re-Open

                  The more I work on the website, the more I am getting excited for it to be re-opening. I know it's been a struggle to stabilize the website and it's been up and down for the past 5 months but in the end I am going full force for the website to re-open regardless if I get it done by goal date of September 1st or not. But I probably can say I am almost half way there, there is one page I have to duplicate which is this season's archived page this way we have it ready for the transition stage from the 7th Season to the 8th Season which is coming up very quickly. There was a reason why I didn't cover Big Brother 20 and the reason was because of the website problems, I needed to tackle and fix all the problems on the website and I needed the extra time as you know both Amazing Race Canada and Big Brother US 20 takes up a ton of my time and I just felt like I needed a Big Brother break as coming off Big Brother Canada 6, I needed a break and came at the perfect time as I was planning on trying to repair the website.

                      As you know I was with a provider and had the entire website re-built and ready to go but then my site got suspended. So I set it up for 000webhost and left it for weeks on end blanked out, till they decided to suspend me, which note this makes my second suspension of my website within the 5 month period. Yes I was going to give up at a point as it was extremely frustrating for me to keep on re-building the website but 000webhost and I can to an understanding it was a huge mistake and they have un-suspended my account since then and the rest is history as I make further and further progress on things! The site is getting closer and closer to being finished but it takes time and I rather not rush the job as this is a big project working on a website that's now become a huge thing, I want to do the job right first then having to keep on fixing stuff on the website every time. However I am very much excited for the finish of the website, it has been as long coming for this website to finally be stable... It's been a pain in my butt!  LOL


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Is This Is The Permanent Site for Chris B On The Web?

          I hate to use the word hate and also to bring bad news to you guys and I had something more on the positive side to talk about but will wait till Friday as tomorrow I have an announcement to make as next week I will not be here 4 out of the 7 days. But today's post is not so happy news. As you know, the last 4 months has not been the easiest last 4 months for me as there has been non stop problems with running a website and I've tried, time and time again to re-build and repair the website and at this point, I am just tired of trying to fix a website which one issue becomes a new problem. 

             The one problem that really ticks me off is the web builder works half the time and when it doesn't work it gives me that false virus message from my anti virus. Hostinger is connected with 000webhost and started thinking twice about renewing for another 2 years  and I think my mind is now made up at this point of time, I will be letting the domain expire and move on and just use this blogger page as my main page with the links on the podcasts pages will do for now and never know, I may explore the option of a website in the nearby future but right now, I have decided, I have had enough of websites at this moment and this is what I need to do what is best for me in the long run.

              Chris B On The Web is not dead, just end of an era with the .com website as the last 4 months has been hell and back and is done at this point. Don't think just because the website is not operation everything goes on hold. No secret I am still looking and trying to resolve any unresolved issues I may have with the website and I will not give up, I will trumiph this blasted website issue. There is no secret, I was going to be a bit more negative but held this off most of the day but glad I did as I have time to think things through before bad mouthing 000webhost and I finally learned I gotta keep my mouth shut sometimes, it does get me in trouble sometimes... LOL... 


Monday, April 9, 2018

Internet Provider The Cause of The Web Builder Not Loading???

                 After troubleshooting why I couldn't edit, I decided this isn't worth the stress anymore and I decided to pull down, due to these on going problems and I am currently working with a new provider to get setup for the remainder of the time I got on my domain Just having a couple of issues right now I need to iron out and once that's done I will be at work building the site on the new provider, away from 000webhost. I think I figured out the problem with the builder but yet other websites and social media worked. Which scratches my head to why everything else works but the web builder on 000webhost doesn't work... Now I ended up having issues with social media and Big Brother Canada's website, but I removed the physical hard wire and it seems to work fine with the WIFI card within my PC, so I think the hard wire is fried and I need a new one or to attach the blue wire. What is the cause of this? Probably my internet as I have said on social media, so it is unknown if I am needing to have my IP Address changed up due to the problems I am having, I think I am going to make the call tomorrow. It wouldn't make a difference, the website is now down and I am moving forward.

                 So am I going to keep my word on what I said? Of course I am, but it may be months down the road when the domain expires but in the meantime you guys have this blog page as the main site for the blog and podcasts till I make the move over to the new provider in 2019. Either way, you guys got some kind of site to go to regardless until I make the switch over to the new provider by early 2019 and trust me it will be even better then the stuff we have had to deal with in the past almost 4 years of being with 000webhost. Actually more then 4 years, I believe I joined when Entertainment Man Productions  (aka The Video Projects Team) was still up and around and enough was enough and it was time to move on from 000webhost and onto a new provider that will be even better then what I had before. So welcome home to the and temporary website for Chris B On The Web until the move to the new site in early 2019 and a timeline will be coming in the very coming few months from now. 


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Website Ramble....

             You guys know I like a smooth running website, but yesterday was the complete opposite as I couldn't load the web builder and honestly I am starting to get sick and tired of being on this service if it is going to be always down for me and not able to edit the website. Mind you, the site itself isn't down it is still running, it is just frustrating to not be able to edit the site and get that new content out to you guys on time but majority of the time it goes down or something goes wrong with the web builder so I end up making that announcement if it seems to not work anytime soon, then I have to go to that plan B as a lot of you guys saw yesterday and had to remove the website link related and go with the other 4 Audio ONLY platforms.

               What drives me nuts though, it seems like every time a podcast comes out, something goes wrong with the website or the website builder and it sucks to not always have all 5 platforms promoted for you guys but today, I finally got a chance to edit and add the Big Brother Canada 6 Preview to the website as most of you probably seen my update Post/Tweet this morning. This is why I really wanna get the heck away from 000webhost and move to my new provider. however in order to do this I need to 1 have the domain expire so I can move it over to the other provider, yes I could go with the .ca but the .com seems to be more and more popular right now.

                Even with the malfunctions on my website, I still manage to bring out content regardless of the on going problems going on, nothing will stop me from giving you guys the content you guys want to see but like come on! Enough is enough with the problems, honestly it has to stop with the problems and yes I know there will be problems here and there but patience is truly a virtue and I have to show that and I know you guys are very patient during the times the website problems occur and I truly appreciate the patience.


Monday, January 8, 2018

Why went down!

               Well on Sunday, January 7th, 2018, went down completely and this is due to  000webhost website going down but also their web builder does not publish whatsoever and I don't know if Zyro whom is the web builder 000webhost relies on knows about the technical issue. But as of right now is down and I got no clue which direction I am heading with the website 

                 But all I know I am looking forward to the moment of leaving 000webhost and changing up the website my website is on, however, I need to let the domain run out. If the web builder doesn't start publishing, I will more then likely try to find an alternative for now or stay focused on the blogspot for the blog, Audio ONLY for Everything About Reality TV Podcasts. As you do know, I need a website to host interviews on, however that is virtually impossible due to the web builder not publishing whatsoever or always giving me problems constantly. I do hope you all will be patient with me during this really tough times my website is having, but I know you will be supportive during this very stressful time for me.  also I need to have patience during this stressful time and let time pass and before you know it, they will fix the web builder and we will be back in business again. 

                 So what am I going to do while this happens? Well as long as I am able to save all the work I have done, I will fix the bugs on the website until the web builder is fixed from not being able to publish. Also the podcasts and blog posts will continue as usual. It will just be on one less website and by now you know I put the blog from my blogspot on via a html code, as there is no blog app on the web builder so this the best I can do for now at least. But everything will go as normal until this website issue is fixed and I ensure it will be fixed. It has been months since the last outage which was back in October, so it has been a solid running website for almost 2.5 and I know they are trying their best to run a solid website service and I am thankful for being a part of 00webhost for the last few years.