Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Website Ramble....

             You guys know I like a smooth running website, but yesterday was the complete opposite as I couldn't load the web builder and honestly I am starting to get sick and tired of being on this service if it is going to be always down for me and not able to edit the website. Mind you, the site itself isn't down it is still running, it is just frustrating to not be able to edit the site and get that new content out to you guys on time but majority of the time it goes down or something goes wrong with the web builder so I end up making that announcement if it seems to not work anytime soon, then I have to go to that plan B as a lot of you guys saw yesterday and had to remove the website link related and go with the other 4 Audio ONLY platforms.

               What drives me nuts though, it seems like every time a podcast comes out, something goes wrong with the website or the website builder and it sucks to not always have all 5 platforms promoted for you guys but today, I finally got a chance to edit and add the Big Brother Canada 6 Preview to the website as most of you probably seen my update Post/Tweet this morning. This is why I really wanna get the heck away from 000webhost and move to my new provider. however in order to do this I need to 1 have the domain expire so I can move it over to the other provider, yes I could go with the .ca but the .com seems to be more and more popular right now.

                Even with the malfunctions on my website, I still manage to bring out content regardless of the on going problems going on, nothing will stop me from giving you guys the content you guys want to see but like come on! Enough is enough with the problems, honestly it has to stop with the problems and yes I know there will be problems here and there but patience is truly a virtue and I have to show that and I know you guys are very patient during the times the website problems occur and I truly appreciate the patience.


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