Thursday, March 8, 2018

Durham Entertainment Today Throwback Thursday Story

           I have been wanting to talk about this for quite some time and probably never really talked about Durham Entertainment Today, but I do have quite the story to tell about that series but a little back story to this, this was actually my first ever original series that never really made it to YouTube, I believe 1 or 2 episodes did but was erased quite quickly after the series was cancelled as I didn't want anything to do with it. However, now you guys know this series did exist back in the day. 

            We were recording our Halloween Episode north of York Durham Railway station in Uxbridge and the smart alic my dad is threw a stone and Eric, Missy and I thought it was a ghost but it wasn't but that was a memorable moment for us in that series. Also recording by the old ghost railway in Port Perry was another memorable moment as well and was one of the locations within that whole slew of locations that day.  The theme was ghost railways as you can tell with this small story and hence the reason why I picked the ghost railway. What else was cool and out of the ordinary was the fact I found a piece of coal on the side of the former rail bed, mind you there is no more rails left or the rail ties that remain on the former railway but the bed is there but it is now all dirt now and the rail bridge is there.

                It was indeed an interesting adventure and was actually neat to talk about the railway north of the station and the history of it but the neat things that occurred during the episode was even cooler. We were even dressed up in costumes for the special even as well which made the filming of this episode even better.


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