Friday, March 9, 2018

Chris B On The Web Is LIT!

            Chris B On The Web & Everything About Reality TV has grown so much in the past 3 months. As for the podcast this is one of my favorite season of them all as I have connected with so many other Big Brother Canada & Survivor Ghost Island Fans, this is actually my favorite season to cover but don't get me wrong, I loved covering every season. Not only this season but between the end of this season and next season, this podcast will be very much still active after both shows are done, but I will not say what the surprise till later. 

              I have never had this much love and support for this podcast and the fact the podcast has surpassed it's 100th episode and now on it's way up with more and amazing episodes! I know I can be sarcastic sometimes and funny but that is what makes the podcast what it is today. Also whenever my right hand snow man Larry pops on the numbers go up and I know you guys enjoy listening to what he has to say and hes become more and more interactive and we always seem to be talking about this podcast whenever we are on Skype chatting or in person. 

                This year alone Chris B On The Web has peaked over 1000 views since the month of December, it could be before that too but I am so overwhelmed on the growth of the website, the podcast and looking at the counter each and everyday and it is so amazing to see the success it has been wanting to get for the past year and a half now. It goes to show I really worked hard in the last year and an half and I never gave up, I kept on going when the going got rough, I just kept on moving and a grooving and it has shown that I have finally become a success in Online Media, not saying I didn't see success as a YouTuber, but what I mean is I went on my own for a certain reason and this plan was a huge success and was the smartest move I ever made and I have no regret leaving YouTube or dissolving the team I once had. However I am thankful for the loyal staff who stuck by me and were there for me through the thick and thin of things and they know who they are. This year is truly the year of success for Chris B On The Web! 


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