Saturday, March 10, 2018

Prospects Grill- Chicken Fingers and Fries REVIEW

           First thing I would like to say is, I know I am a couple of days late from when I was at the Generals Game and having dinner out but I had other posts I wanted to get out before but anyways here is my review on the Prospects Grill for the meal 5 pieces of Chicken Fingers and French Fries with a drink: 

            As you guys know, this is my second time around at Prospects, I had to do yet another blog post but this time reviewing their Chicken Fingers and French Fries and this time around I took a picture including the view from seats we were in as you can see, we had rink view seats this time around which is really cool to have for a change as last time we were by the window seat looking out at Athol Street and the Walk In Clinic as well. Now to set today's blog post up, I ordered my usual soft drink, a coke, 5 pieces of Chicken Fingers, with Fries. We waited no more then 5 - 10 minutes and we had our dinner already brought to our table same with our friend Mike as well. We were really surprised that we got our dinner so quickly but don't worry it was fully cooked.

Let's talk about the french fries, it was crispy and what I like about these fries, they had some of the potato skins still on it but I love the skin on the french fries, I don't mind it at all whatsoever. Now let's move on to the chicken finger, sauce it's like a sweet and sour sauce it was not spicy but had that sweet and sour taste but it could of also been a plum sauce but I think it was a sweet and sour sauce. The Chicken Fingers when I bit into it and the chicken was fully cooked and it was so tender and soft when I bit into the chicken it liked melted in my mouth when I chewed it and it was so good and the Chicken fingers were the first to be finished. Overall the meal does get a 10/10 and again I would definitely go back for another meal. I do not wanna talk about the Hockey game as I had a rough night during the second period of the hockey but good food and good company for the evening, I enjoyed a majority of the night with my friends.


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