Monday, March 12, 2018

Chris B On The Web Updates

            Don't think I have been working hard over Friday and the weekend but I have and I got some news about Chris B On The Web with the collaborations that are suppose to happen this year and it has been discussed further between Larry and I and as of June we are aiming for the start for the production of the collaboration but not only a collaboration with a good friend but the start a brand new podcast called The CBOTW Show and will be starting in the summer time but never know it can start sooner but you never know what will happen with this brand new podcast and what projects will come up on the list. Any suggestions for New TV Shows coming out, cover Rosanne maybe? Let me know in the comments below! 

                The next thing is I cannot give you guys a guaranteed the plan for Everything About Reality TV for the summer time but I will keep you guys informed what the plan is. The reason for this is because there might be plans to go on a holiday, either to the East Coast of the USA or flying out to Calgary to see the family so it is kind of hard to confirm what I got planned for the next season of Everything About Reality TV but soon as I know if I am going on a vacation for a week or two, I will let you know what the scheduling will be like for the summer time. If I do go on a holiday, I plan on just covering Amazing Race Canada and sit this one out for Big Brother 20 unless I find someone to fill in for me for BB20 then I could more then likely be able to take some time off but or I would have to actually catch up when I got home as I no longer own a laptop so it makes things extremely hard to record from on the road with. Money surely do not grow on trees and I would love to take a long vacation with family but never know what my parents have up their sleeves!

                  Finally I have been given opportunities for a collaboration but yet I have tried to get things rolling for the collaboration and I didn't get any communication, I want to make this clear if you wish to collaborate with me or some kind of promotional spotlight or interview to promote your content, please tell me what you wish to collaborate as it is hard for me to guess what you would like to do with me in the way of a collab, please communicate with me about it and keep in touch. How can I collaborate when I do not receive an email back from you guys? Please state in the email the reason for the email in the subject and in the main body of the email the more fine details of your request and ideas you have for this collaboration. Thank you for your consideration and just wanted to make it more clearer what you would like to do with me so this way I know. That is about it what I have to update you guys and I hope I was clear on what I said on here.

Have a great afternoon!


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