Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My Survivor Future Seasons, Thoughts and Ideas

               I spent a good hour or so since the Big Brother Canada 6 feeds were down back on the weekend but I was thinking and thinking about this and i know there is no renewal plans or announcement for seasons 37/38 as of right now, we will be finding out in May what the fate of Survivor will be and I am very much sure there. But let's look at this blog post at a if there is going to be a Season 37 & 38 and again I know there will be a season 37 & 38 as they usually go back to back seasons but here are my thoughts:

                  So season 37, I think it will be a newbie season and I would like like to see a Survivor: White Collar vs Blue Collar vs No Collar 2 as it was actually a great season and I would like to see that happen again and I'm sure it could be a possibility but could be in a season 39 scenario too.  Also it could go like a Survivor Millennials Vs Gen X 2, that was a good theme and was an interesting season, especially with some of the advantages thrown into the game as well, however I heard on Reddit: After MvGX I think production swore off older folks so it could be a more then likely not to happen again but you never know what production has in stored for each and every season. 

                   Now in the way of Season 38, I am hearing this through Reddit and online that more then likely it will be a Returnee season and I got a few ideas what it could be. Obviously it wont be a Blood Vs Water 3 as that was stated on the Reddit but never say never. My thoughts though is it could be a Fans Vs Favorites 3 but we already have seen it but it sure makes it for an interesting season and we have seen this in the last two season that has Fans Vs Favorites. There was mention of Second Chances 2 and I think a second chances 2 is quite the possibility for it to happen and I thought after they did the second chances season, damn they should do another season and I think they will do another season and I am actually working on notes for an off season podcast and I think it will happen somewhere in the 37th or 38th season or maybe 39/40. Which brings me to the final point of today's blog post, there has been talk online, yes Reddit and over the internet that season 40 could be an All-Stars 2 season, I highly doubt it, however again, anything is possible and if 40 is the final season of Survivor, would be a great way to go out with a bang in such a great Reality TV show and social experiment but you never know with Survivor, they are always coming up with brand new ideas every season or 1 of the 2 seasons in the cycle.


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