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Monday, August 3, 2020

Would Chris Really Move Website Providers?

               With the recent issues with the back side of the website which is fixed now and things seem to be fine with the website now but I know he went off on the Social's about the issues. I think more then likely it was to address the issues with the website and trust me he wasn't happy about the on going issues with the website. These are the two things that really ticked him off and kind of made him think about a free website again:

- Keywords not sticking: There was a problem when you entered the keywords it wouldn't remain in there. Not anymore anytime we put in keywords it seems to be fixed. For the last I don't know month or two or so that issue seemed to be the # 1 problem where we had to enter it not once, not twice but a few times.

- Blog posts Getting erased at the half way mark of the post: Every time we put in a post, we ended up losing half of the post so our posts were partially dumped as Chris put it technically which is why end of last week we ended up not posting on Friday and almost ended up not posting all weekend long but Google and Blogger seemed to fix the issue very quickly.

- Google Adsense suspending us: Apparently we were suspended for self clicking ads when all the staff and myself have ad blocker on 24-7 so we did not do that so we have ended up being suspended for 30 days which is fine because Chris has removed the ads code for now and he may just delete his adsense and find another way to earn money off the website but we'll see.

                 With all that being said, every thing is fixed and we are good to go again with posting and all the two issues we have been experiencing is fixed now on. When they updated the layout of the blogger interface it was very buggy and the recent fix has helped and every thing seems very normal again. So Chris is not moving websites. He has put in the long hours to the menu bar and working on perfecting the CSS code to the website and building numerous pages on the website and also building up on the viewership which is like 200 - 300 a day now which is crazy to be honest. Plus he is locked in with his domain for little over 3 more years so he cannot really make a move at this point and I think he will probably renew with blogger as it has been a reasonable price for the .com domain.

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

Thursday, March 22, 2018

I'm Learning, I'm Trying New Things Out!

               This year has been a great year, not just because I have become a successful podcaster but the fact I have tried new things lately and I am proud to say, it feels great to have tried new things. Yes I realize the blog posts haven't been consistent but I am truly trying to bring out the blogging content to you guys as much as I can. 

                I have learned so much about scheduling, keeping to a timetable with regards to the podcast side of things recently. I have either been a day behind or right on schedule. I know there will be a day where there will be 3 podcasts in a day due to the fact I will be out of town either Apr 5th or Apr 12th, 2018 out in the city of Toronto with my former Staff Dave. But other then that, I am very much on schedule with the podcasts. Now website wise, I have learned so much, when I tinker with the website the favorite icon at the top of the website disappears, goes to 000webhost logo or blank. So what I have learned is I have to remove the physical file from the site, re-uploading the icon once again and yes the icon is 100x100, then it works once again. I am not sure if it is a web builder issue or if it has to do with the size of the icon that is beyond me but I figured out a quick fix. Also this week I have been testing out the chat feature but obviously it has been removed as it wasn't getting many hits but thats OK with me, however, I learned through fixing glitches and bugs on the website like turning off the sound for the chat messages, figuring out the size within the code in the back end as well. 

                   Finally for today's blog I have finally learned to try new things out and as you guys know The CBOTW Show Podcast has popped out of nowhere recently as I made the announcement that it has joined the list of Podcasts on and I thought, you know its been nearly 2 years now since starting Everything About Reality TV, so I thought, I got the offer to RECAP Music City from CMT, why not. At first I said no thanks as I had enough on my plate but as of now, I am grateful to be doing it. I shouldn't be afraid to open up and try new things. I just said on Twitter, I am open to advertising on either my website or any of the 2 podcasts, I am running right now. I shouldn't be afraid to try new things and if it doesn't work out then thats fine, but if it does thats great. I am glad I am now open to trying new and innovative things!


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Website Ramble....

             You guys know I like a smooth running website, but yesterday was the complete opposite as I couldn't load the web builder and honestly I am starting to get sick and tired of being on this service if it is going to be always down for me and not able to edit the website. Mind you, the site itself isn't down it is still running, it is just frustrating to not be able to edit the site and get that new content out to you guys on time but majority of the time it goes down or something goes wrong with the web builder so I end up making that announcement if it seems to not work anytime soon, then I have to go to that plan B as a lot of you guys saw yesterday and had to remove the website link related and go with the other 4 Audio ONLY platforms.

               What drives me nuts though, it seems like every time a podcast comes out, something goes wrong with the website or the website builder and it sucks to not always have all 5 platforms promoted for you guys but today, I finally got a chance to edit and add the Big Brother Canada 6 Preview to the website as most of you probably seen my update Post/Tweet this morning. This is why I really wanna get the heck away from 000webhost and move to my new provider. however in order to do this I need to 1 have the domain expire so I can move it over to the other provider, yes I could go with the .ca but the .com seems to be more and more popular right now.

                Even with the malfunctions on my website, I still manage to bring out content regardless of the on going problems going on, nothing will stop me from giving you guys the content you guys want to see but like come on! Enough is enough with the problems, honestly it has to stop with the problems and yes I know there will be problems here and there but patience is truly a virtue and I have to show that and I know you guys are very patient during the times the website problems occur and I truly appreciate the patience.


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Had To Pull Out of An Event & So Much Is Going On Right Now!

          First of all this really stinks! So much going on for Chris B On The Web, setbacks after setbacks, after setbacks. First of all what do I mean by this? Well, I had to bail out of an event due to the ink cartridge suddenly dying and it would cost me a bit of money to get replaced. It is the little things that is draining my money to get ready for this event and I feel so bad  for bailing out but I pretty much ran out of money on the budget, so I kind of screwed myself over in the process. That is how bad things are going for me at this point of time.

          The next thing is as you know "CBOTW" has no more group since people aka haters wanna report my posts as "spam" when it isn't spam, I am posting information for people to know what is going on with Chris B On The Web and I have my ideas who it could be and I am not letting the haters get the worse out of me either. My primary focus now is Twitter and Google Plus and as you know I only post up on Google Plus the most important things as Twitter I can post what I want but not like messages by the second, I try to space out my posts by a few minutes. So one less social media I have at this point of time. Yes I am not one bit happy with the fact that I lost my group to wrongful reports of spam when it wasn't spam. I should of kept it a private group this way nothing got reported and would of been only the members that could report as if the group was totally a secret to my friends nobody can find it or post so I should of done that, but I wanted it to be available to all the fans out there. I should of really known better.

            Finally is the icing on the cake to all this bullcrap in the last 12 hours or so is my website sub menu deciding to not work and we all know it is the web builder. The good news the sub menu problem has been fixed but the website will need to be re-build so this means more work for em and the list is on and on and on of stuff to fix, pretty much I gotta fix the mistakes and I am actually improving the way Everything About Reality TV will be in the way of feeds, as you know I have to transfer feeds each and every season which isn't a problem but thinking of having the one feed for each season that would be the only one to be updated this way there isn't too many pages to click on but yet I am quite content with the way it is right now but it is an idea but you guys are use to the current state of the feeds and how it goes but there is always room for improvement but at this point. That is my update and there will be another blog post later on today to talk about the Ukrainian/Polish Festival I went to yesterday. 


Monday, May 15, 2017

Starting To Doubt....

                   I am usually pretty optimistic with things but recently in the last week with having nothing but website problems, yes has been down for the second time in a week and it's nothing to do with my provider where I bought the domain it is more along the line 000webhost the web builder I use to build on and trust me I have been looking for alternatives but there is one I would like to use but I would have to learn HTAccess and without Chance to guide me through it as hes ignored me on Twitter and stopped being active with Chris B On The Web, he has been no help currently and I do not know much about HTAccess currently. But getting an ideal idea how to do it slowly but going to do another test site to make sure it works fully before moving everything over to that provider. This would mean emails for my website that I use to use would be back in play and I would for now retire however at this point I gotta be patient and if I cannot figure out HTAccess then I gotta deal with these server problems until renewal of the domain which is in November 2018 of next year.

              I know what your going to say it is frustrating and I hear you guys. Myself I am clearly frustrated with the lack of uptime this year, my site has been down more then has been up and running but I gotta work with what we have with currently and just deal with this minor 12 hour outage. Again I would like to thank you for your patience through this rough 12 hour downtime with the website.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Had A Dufus Moment Last Week! | Frustration Like Crazy Last Week!

Well last week was a major dufus moment and one hell of a week for me as I thought it was 000webhost servers that was giving issues, well at first it was their crummy server, then I reset the site entirely hoping it would come back online, but it was a minor step I missed that was the cause of the root of the problem this entire time! Now blaming my domain provider wasn't the right answer and I've already manned up to the mistake. Honestly 000webhost is making it so hard for use the website owners to operate the website. I am still vouching to what I said on Twitter back on the weekend which is I am still planning to get a full on package with the domain whether it is with HostGator when I renew or GoDaddy or some other domain provider website. I got a year and a half to decide where I am heading with the future of But this brings me into my next point which is you can imagine over the course of the last year and a half how much frustration I have been through within the website, trying to maintain it and also keep it online for more then a freaking week! Now since my site is back the views are not as good grinding around 22 views per day, however it is starting to get the viewership back, my more biggest concern at this point of time is the lack of communication within my team, my staff who volunteer their time to help me with the success of running ChrisBOnTheWeb. Just yesterday, I ended up letting go of one of the 4 staff I had. At this point I am cleaning house and as April 1st of this year, one more will go if this chat doesn't move anywhere which at this point it hasn't and has been at a full stand still for almost an entire year. I waited a whole freaking year plus for this chat to be done and has it? Nooo always excuses made or arguments made over it. Yes I understand it takes time but they said it wouldn't take more then a year and all I have seen is the login main screen of the chat that's it. So as of April 1st like I said I will be letting them go as their was no communication made since January and the dream of bringing my podcasts back live will not be happening anytime soon.  I feel for you guys and the frustrating levels of a site that isn't working half the time, however I appreciate the patience and positive feedback you guys have given me when the site has been online. That always put a smile on my face and right now as I am typing this I got a bit of a grin on my face as I am very very happy with the positive feedback and pep talks you guys give me on Twitter. I am very grateful to have you guys as a fan base and grown so much since the move to podcasts last summer. I have almost doubled from the 1500 I had last summer and hopefully I will hit 3k by the summer and I sure think I will. 

Have a great Tuesday!


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Promoting Yourself, Getting Yourself Out There!

First of all let me say, I been putting this post on hold for about 2 months now... LOL... But finally getting into writing this post. When you are doing YouTube, Podcasting, Radio, broadcasting, blogging or running a website you always gotta promote it, I always post up updates if I did some changes to the website, this way you guys can pop over to my website. Another way I promote the heck out of my podcasts, blog & website is by hash tagging in my tweets for example #EverythingAboutRealityTV #CBOTWGamersPodcast are two prime examples, also #podcasts, #podcast, #blog, #blogger #blogging #blogpost. 

Let's break this up. Let's start with YouTube as the first example in this blog post. Now connecting your YouTube account to your Twitter is the best idea this way when your video goes up on your channel it auto tweets and you do not have to find the link to post it out! Another thing, the more social media the better but I rather use Twitter I am close to 2.1K in followers and it is a growing so Twitter is the best way to promote yourself. Now for Podcasts, connecting with your social media, this way it posts or you can do it similar like mine like the example below: 

#EverythingAboutRealityTV #Podcast is Now Up!!…… & Stitcher! #SurvivorMillennialsVsGenX 

Now for your radio show or live broadcasts, you can setup Twitter to Auto Tweet from Tweetdeck on your browser so it posts at a certain time lets say 8 pm EST and it will post it without you have to type it out each and every time, same if you just record podcasts you can do the same for that as well. Hope this helps anyone getting into YouTube, Podcasting, Radio, broadcasting, blogging or running a website.

Have a great Thursday!