Sunday, September 17, 2017

Had To Pull Out of An Event & So Much Is Going On Right Now!

          First of all this really stinks! So much going on for Chris B On The Web, setbacks after setbacks, after setbacks. First of all what do I mean by this? Well, I had to bail out of an event due to the ink cartridge suddenly dying and it would cost me a bit of money to get replaced. It is the little things that is draining my money to get ready for this event and I feel so bad  for bailing out but I pretty much ran out of money on the budget, so I kind of screwed myself over in the process. That is how bad things are going for me at this point of time.

          The next thing is as you know "CBOTW" has no more group since people aka haters wanna report my posts as "spam" when it isn't spam, I am posting information for people to know what is going on with Chris B On The Web and I have my ideas who it could be and I am not letting the haters get the worse out of me either. My primary focus now is Twitter and Google Plus and as you know I only post up on Google Plus the most important things as Twitter I can post what I want but not like messages by the second, I try to space out my posts by a few minutes. So one less social media I have at this point of time. Yes I am not one bit happy with the fact that I lost my group to wrongful reports of spam when it wasn't spam. I should of kept it a private group this way nothing got reported and would of been only the members that could report as if the group was totally a secret to my friends nobody can find it or post so I should of done that, but I wanted it to be available to all the fans out there. I should of really known better.

            Finally is the icing on the cake to all this bullcrap in the last 12 hours or so is my website sub menu deciding to not work and we all know it is the web builder. The good news the sub menu problem has been fixed but the website will need to be re-build so this means more work for em and the list is on and on and on of stuff to fix, pretty much I gotta fix the mistakes and I am actually improving the way Everything About Reality TV will be in the way of feeds, as you know I have to transfer feeds each and every season which isn't a problem but thinking of having the one feed for each season that would be the only one to be updated this way there isn't too many pages to click on but yet I am quite content with the way it is right now but it is an idea but you guys are use to the current state of the feeds and how it goes but there is always room for improvement but at this point. That is my update and there will be another blog post later on today to talk about the Ukrainian/Polish Festival I went to yesterday. 


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