Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ukrainian & Polish Festival 2017

               I know I am late on blogs and right now due to my very hectic schedule and catching up on podcasts and I have decided that blog posts for right now will be sporadically until the website is back up and running and this is one of the toughest decisions I had to make with Chris B On The Web but it is what it is right now.

                 So with that now out of the way as you know I went to the Ukrainian and Polish Festival and it was so much fun to go to in the past, I had to return to it. One good thing about it is I didn't get pushed about like I did in the Greek Festival and people telling to move. We started at the Ukrainian Festival in the Bloor Village. Was a busy festival, more busier then it has been years ago when we were there the last time. The food was so amazing, had Chicken Shish Kebab, note it wasn't breaded like a normal Shish Kebab is, however it tasted sooo good, it practically fell apart and melted in my mouth, it was cooked perfect. On top of the chicken kebabs, I had perogies with potato and cheese and it was so good as well. My dad and I saw the parade which was part of the opening ceremonies of the festival, the outfits were so beautiful, the music I absolutely loved, I felt like I got a taste of what living in Ukraine is like. 

After that we took a detour through my dad's old neighbor where he grew up as a kid as we had plenty of time to spare between festivals for travel time so we took a detour down to Roncesville. When we got there it was packed and different from years ago... We saw some awesome old cars, Oldsmobile, Mustang, you name it! We crossed the street into the festival and as we started heading south in the village of Roncesville and first thing that struck my attention was the Polish desserts and I haven't had a dessert in a long time, due to my on-going diet right now to get below 200 pounds and nowhere close, currently at 220 pounds at the moment. So my dad and I agreed to come back and grab a donut on our way to the streetcar and I will get to it shortly. We stopped at the first of 2 stages where a group playing polka music and also had people dancing and I was getting into the dancing mood with the polka music. We continue on walking at the festival and we stopped at the second stage they had set up at the festival which had more dancing and of course I took pictures during the festival. Just love the dancing in the festival and I would love to learn the dances as I absolutely love the music as well. My late Aunts Margaret and Maria are from Slovakia and my Aunt Maria told me she can walk into Poland as the town she is from is right at the border of Poland, I had to share that little story with you guys in today's blog. Finally we got to the end of the village and we went back up on the other side of the street and back up to grab some food.  What did we grab for an early dinner, well since we got perogies and kebabs my dad had a Polish sausage and Latke which a potato pancake is called in 
Europe. Now you are going to ask me, how was it, it was delicious! It tasted so good, just like food you make at home from scratch... One thing I wish they had was mustard for the sausage but its OK, it was fine without the mustard, I cannot be picky. In conclusion I had a really good time and I was tired by the time I got home and I was ready to hit the hay by the time I was home. I again apologize for not posting up sooner, as you know I was trying to catch up on podcasts and of course my ailing needs major attention and repairs. I will be talking about it more later in a update blog post and the schedule for Everything About Reality TV. Speaking of that #EverythingAboutRealityTV is currently trending on Twitter which is amazing. But thank you for your patience during these hard rough patches Chris B Is Going Through and I will be posting up another one later.

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