Sunday, September 10, 2017

Announcements For Chris B On The Web &

          As you guys know, we had a chat on the go, but the person, no names mentioned, well they got too busy and also I gave ideas but wasn't taken in consideration for the chat, so the chat project is no more and no plan to reconcile it at any point. I truly feel like having a chat will become a bit of a pain with the trolls and deal with drama again like I did back on the days of but those days are done and I know there is a slim chance in re-building the community. My theory behind it is I can't trust anyone to help me mod as I was screwed over by my Moderator Staff in the past. So that is the first update, this entire chat/community chat plan is now done! No plans to build a community at this point. I am quite content on the way the website looks currently. 

            The next update, I had to postpone the collabs here in the studio with Jeff Livingstone until the studio is fixed up and hoping to fix it up by next year so I can have a nice looking studio, not what it looks like currently which is an appalling mess. I decided to not do a collab bring in guests for the 1 year anniversary as the studio needs some renovations to be done before I have anymore in here. 

              As for the 1 year and doing something but more from me, the boss man of Everything About Reality TV and it will actually be a preview podcast for Survivor Heroes, Healers and Hustlers season which is only 17 days away from it's premiere so the Friday the 22nd, the actual anniversary date will have a in depth look at this upcoming season and what is in stored for this season. I am not making a big deal of the podcast being On The Air for a year, I am glad its lasted this long and hope it will be around for years to come! 

             As you probably notice I put interviews, podcasts, collab podcasts under a new tab name called On Demand as you know its "On Demand" and easy to access and this way if another page is to be added I have enough room to add it to the website at anytime. 

            Now in the way of Everything About Reality TV being behind, I will be doing a major catch up tomorrow in getting the podcasts back on track so here is this weeks schedule:

Tuesday (Tuesday, September 12th, 2017): Recorded In The Morning, Released Big Brother 19 Week # 10 RECAP @ 6 pm EDT

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017: Amazing Race Canada 5, EP # 11 (Season Finale) Recording In The Morning, Released @ 8 pm EDT

Friday, September 15th, 2017: Big Brother 19 Week # 11- Recorded In The Morning, Released @ 8 pm EDT

             There is your schedule and I ensure you guys I will prevail and stay on schedule this week, this is a new week and I got a plan, hopefully this works out better. Have a great night!


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