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Monday, February 5, 2024

Feeling Frustrated...

            I am feeling frustrated that people insulted my now former Graphic Designer and Community Director as she's decided to resign but that could change but not the point I want to make. To outright insult my staff's work, I've never seen Kelsie so upset to a point she's done with ChrisBOnTheWeb Media. Hoping in a few days when things calm down she will reconsider leaving as she's been with us for 6 long months and has done amazing work and has the best repour with this community as you guys absolutely LOVE her minus one or two people.

            I've honestly never seen my Staff so upset that they would give up this dream. I mean she's been with us for 6 months means the world to the rest of us. She's part of this community and family and we want her here forever. I want to point out that we will not tolerate bullying, insulting and disrespect in this community. On the bottom of our website we have a Terms of Use that needs to be followed. We have had too much drama in the last 4 years that this year we are NOT going to tolerate crap anymore. Consider this a warning and we do not want to warn you again but there is a terms of use even thought it's hidden at the bottom maybe I need to talk to Jim about moving it to the side bar too perhaps, plaster it all over the website. Anyways the rant is over, I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Who's Who On The Staff?

         There has been so many questions and I am making this very quick post as we are swamped with work right now, but the question you guys have is who is who when it comes to our Staff right now as so much has changed since Everything About Reality TV ended:

ChrisBOnTheWeb Staff:

Chris (Founder/Owner)- Founded and Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb.
Sophie- Me (Community Manager)- In charge of our Facebook and Twitter and overall helps the community if they have any questions and you can find me in the chat Monday - Fridays, 9 am - 5 pm EST I am always in there.
Larry (Co-FounderSenior Advisor)- Been with ChrisBOnTheWeb since the beginning and is the Co-Founder of ChrisBOnTheWeb and isn't really staff but is in conversations for everything ChrisBOnTheWeb.
Billy (Senior Advisor)- One of the 2 advisors for Programming to help Chris make the tough decision for everything around going on around the website and ChrisBOnTheWeb.

Billy (Senior Advisor)- Advises Chris along with Larry with everything Chris B On The Web, that involves decisions to make within the website.

Entertainment Man Podcast (2020 - PRESENT):

Chris (Executive Producer/Host)- Title says it all, Executive Producer/Host of his own personal podcast.

Power Rangers Podcast Collab (2018 - PRESENT):

Chris (Executive Producer/Host)-
Executive Producer/Host and oversees the operation and planning of the podcast.
Larry (Senior Producer/Co-Host)-
Senior Producer and helps with the decisions and Chris's right hand on projects as well. He is also is the Co-Host of the podcasts.

Sports Talk With The Bulldog (TBA):

Billy (Executive Producer/Host)- Executive Producer and Host of this future podcast.
Chris (Senior Advisor)- Senior Advisor and helps behind the scenes and can fulfill fill in host if Billy is unable to come on.

              There will be more information coming to the projects below and once we know what is up then we will be sure to update but exciting things happening and excited to be adding into the website and Chris is very excited on all of this and wishes he can post this personally but as I said he is very busy person. He hopes to return soon and he will know by Friday night when he is returning to the daily posts.

Sophie, Community Manager

Monday, February 3, 2020

Staff List Updated Again!

              With all the changes that has happened comes the Staff List for all across all teams and projects that are going on currently with the website. It is only the start right now and with that I hope to eventually grow the team eventually but that is kind of besides the point right now. Anyways here is the list:


Chris (Me) Founder & Owner 

Larry TVPT/CBOTW Alumni & Advisor 

Billy Advisor 

Everything About Reality TV STAFF:

Chris Founder/Executive Producer/Host 

Larry Co-Founder 

Jasmine Producer

Power Rangers Collab Podcast STAFF: 

Chris (Me) Exec Producer/Host 

Larry Co-Host 

Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours To Hell and Back Collab STAFF:

Steven Host

Chris (Me) Exec Producer/Co-Host  

                    There is the list of the Staff and yea we got a second collab on the go and more then likely we will be doing this the rest of the season and will see and you never know one of the main podcasts or even a new podcast could pop up anytime in the very near future as the last collaboration Podcast has done extremely well with the viewership which is making me ready to offer someone a podcast of their own so you never really know what will happen around with Chris B On The Web.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The 2020 Staff List

             Things have been involving and decided that both Chris B On The Web, Everything About Reality TV & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast are different and decided that CBOTW is the apparent Company that produces and posts up the episodes. So the list looks like this: 

Chris B On The Web Staff:

Chris (Me)- Founder/Owner of CBOTW: Oversees the operation of the website, blogs and podcasts to ensure a steady flow in content.

Larry- Alumni/Advisor: Advisor for CBOTW and always in my ear on problems and issues that I have been having, he is my go to person on top of Eric who is a former staff but has been there with my struggle running things. 

Billy- FB Fan Page Moderation/Advisor: Billy has two roles and one of them for now is to ensure the page is a happy and safe space to be on with all the members of the Fan Page. Also he advises Chris on things within Chris B On The Web and is the only non Alum that has this role on CBOTW.

Everything About Reality TV:

Chris (Me)- Exec Producer/Host: Created the podcast and Produces each and every episode and is in charge of the Staff behind the Podcast.

Larry- Co-Founder:Helped Co-Found the Podcast and isn't involved with all the decision making with the podcast but knows with the changes and additions to the podcast that are made so he knows what is going on.

Jasmine- Host: The newest member of the Podcast and covers Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US when it airs on TV. Helps out with the Off Season between but glad to have them aboard the team. 

Power Rangers Collab Podcast:

Chris (Me)- Exec Producer/Host: Plans, writes the notes edits the podcast so does everything within the podcast recorded twice a year with 4 episodes within a year.

Larry- Host: The Co-Host of the podcast and Chris's other part of the dynamic duo and is on the podcast 4 times within the year which I said before that's 2 sessions a year with 4 episodes up for grabs.


Friday, December 20, 2019

Staff List (Late 2019 - 2020)

               Today is an joyous day as I announce the list of the Staff and Alumni for late 2019 and into 2020 and the departments. Now there is a bunch of departments but I will be listing off the individuals that are involved and where you can find them in mostly:


  • Chris- Founder/Owner; Exec Producer/Host of Everything About Reality TV Podcast Survivor/Amazing Race/Amazing Race Canada; Blogger. Been On The Team Since: November 2014
  • Billy- Exec Producer/Host of The Sports Hour W/ Billy Podcast (Fridays @ 2 pm EST) Been On The Team Since: December 1st, 2019
  • Jasmine- Host of Big Brother Canada & Big Brother US Recaps Been On The Team Since: December 15th, 2019
  • CBOTW Team- Can be seen in the chatroom here on from time to time when Chris is unavailable to keep an eye out on the chatroom so you can see them active in the chatroom. Been On The Team Since: November 15th, 2019

  • Larry- Alumni; Blogger; Co-Host of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcasts 2 - 3 times a  year since 2018. Been On The Team Since:  June 2013 , Left: January 2016  Returned In Alum Status: June 1st, 2018

                   There's our Staff and Alumni on the list and we are so happy to have them aboard. 2020 is going to be huge for ChrisBOnTheWeb. As most of you know he has been planning in the back of his mind for quite sometime and it is all coming together. He has mentioned there is more information is coming for the newest member of Everything About Reality TV in the New Year with more information on the addition to Everything About Reality TV Podcast.

- Chris

Friday, November 29, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Changes...

          At this time yesterday, I was taking a break and yes it is still going to be happening but my time off will be definitely a little longer as I am no longer will be the host for Survivor Recaps on the Podcast. I am graciously stepped down to let Billy take it over as I said on the podcast. No I am not going anywhere and this is the reason behind a second announcement post since things change here at CBOTW very quickly and within the last 6 - 10 hours so here is what the plan is for Everything About Reality TV come 2020:

Survivor: Will Be Hosted by Billy a good friend of mine will be taking over the podcast so there will be times I will be not present on the podcast but this is good as it gives me some time off from the podcast.

Big Brother 22: Chris (Me) 

Big Brother Canada 8: Chris (Me)

Amazing Race: Chris (Me)

Amazing Race Canada:  Chris (Me)

             I however will be the one that will be covering Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada for the time being which is nice to have one less show to cover and I am very excited for the changes to come. I know between September and February there will be a break for me between shows but you never know another show may pop up and I will probably cover the show. Originally I would of give up the rights to the Big Brother and Big Brother Canada Recaps but I enjoy doing em still and like I said I get September to February off normally. Reason I decided to step down is Billy knows Survivor as well as I do and obviously I cannot do all the shows as it has not become evident that I cannot handle every single show out there so the help comes in handy indeed.  The scheduling I have already started working on the next season schedule and will be releasing the schedule in the New Year as of right now I have only one show on the schedule out of the 3 as I do not know when Big Brother Canada will be same with Amazing Race I am currently unsure of when that will be on the air so soon as I know I will let you guys know what is what come New Year.


Monday, April 22, 2019

What Was My YouTube Downfall?

            Nobody really know why I quit, it wasn't because of the Adpocolypse on there, nor it was cause of the family friendly content. That came after I left the platform in 2016. There are reasons why I decided to leave and why my channel just failed all together. The first reason was my first staff of CBOTW quit which put The Entertainment Man Talk Show into turmoil and I was really not sure where to turn with the series next. I believe over the months I started to plan the 7th season which didn't last long up to the point of my second staff that came back to help ended up quitting on me again for the 100th time over the course of 10.5 years of them helping me. This is when I started to think this is not worth it and that is when The Entertainment Man Talk Show was truly done and I just didn't give any crap about that series and I was pretty much over it. All because of 1 series as you can see is basically the main reason I just ended it all and yes I realize "Everything About Reality TV"  was still very much active and I could of pretty much basically continued on that platform and rename the channel to Everything About Reality TV but I didn't. To open more old wounds, I ended up firing someone I had on for not able to take a simple joke as I like to be funny but noooo they like to be all serious. I like to have fun while taking the job seriously so that didn't help with any of the future of the channel honestly. I honestly didn't even talk talk to any of the 3 for months even up to an year. First one of the 3 we started talking again by summer at the most but the other 2 took longer up to a year, year and a half.

                So in conclusion of this the main two reasons was the web series failing which mind you again, it was a stupid reason honestly because I still had Everything About Reality TV on the channel and things could of been worked around it with it so the first reason was pretty much one of the stupidest reasons for it ending. But the truth is, things weren't the same after losing 90% of my team that helped me I just lost complete focus on the channel and what I should of done was setup a separate channel for the podcast and kept the main one for other videos etc or as an archives. That was probably my major downfall with YouTube on top of losing my team but a solo project could of been a doable thing for CBOTW but yet again you have to realize I would of ended up in the middle of this entire adpocalypse and family friendly content bull so either way the decision I made was the best decision as Everything About Reality TV has been striving good on Audio ONLY.


Thursday, December 13, 2018

Chris B On The Web Staff, Global Moderators & Moderators

            I have started to be more trusting in having people help me for example but first The Staff are the ones who work on the content and bring the content out to you guys. Now Global Moderators like Billy will be making sure the the rules of any channels or the blog comments are being followed and report if a blog comment needs to be removed from the website. He also has the ability to suggest ideas and features for Chris B On The Web so they have a lot say in ideas and features for the website or for the podcasts.  Regular Moderator is the moderator of any of the chatrooms that Chris B On The Web has. The following is a list currently of the Staff, Global Moderators and Moderators for Chris B On The Web:

CBOTW Staff:


Global Moderators:





              I gotta start small group of people helping me which is fine and eventually I will be probably, hopefully making staff again down the road but right now that is not happening right now as I am very much happy on my own with minimal help but still need help with around the website with moderating comments and being the ambassadors for the Twitch channel representing Chris B On The Web and I appreciate the help that is given to me when I need it especially.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Announcements For Chris B On The Web &

          As you guys know, we had a chat on the go, but the person, no names mentioned, well they got too busy and also I gave ideas but wasn't taken in consideration for the chat, so the chat project is no more and no plan to reconcile it at any point. I truly feel like having a chat will become a bit of a pain with the trolls and deal with drama again like I did back on the days of but those days are done and I know there is a slim chance in re-building the community. My theory behind it is I can't trust anyone to help me mod as I was screwed over by my Moderator Staff in the past. So that is the first update, this entire chat/community chat plan is now done! No plans to build a community at this point. I am quite content on the way the website looks currently. 

            The next update, I had to postpone the collabs here in the studio with Jeff Livingstone until the studio is fixed up and hoping to fix it up by next year so I can have a nice looking studio, not what it looks like currently which is an appalling mess. I decided to not do a collab bring in guests for the 1 year anniversary as the studio needs some renovations to be done before I have anymore in here. 

              As for the 1 year and doing something but more from me, the boss man of Everything About Reality TV and it will actually be a preview podcast for Survivor Heroes, Healers and Hustlers season which is only 17 days away from it's premiere so the Friday the 22nd, the actual anniversary date will have a in depth look at this upcoming season and what is in stored for this season. I am not making a big deal of the podcast being On The Air for a year, I am glad its lasted this long and hope it will be around for years to come! 

             As you probably notice I put interviews, podcasts, collab podcasts under a new tab name called On Demand as you know its "On Demand" and easy to access and this way if another page is to be added I have enough room to add it to the website at anytime. 

            Now in the way of Everything About Reality TV being behind, I will be doing a major catch up tomorrow in getting the podcasts back on track so here is this weeks schedule:

Tuesday (Tuesday, September 12th, 2017): Recorded In The Morning, Released Big Brother 19 Week # 10 RECAP @ 6 pm EDT

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017: Amazing Race Canada 5, EP # 11 (Season Finale) Recording In The Morning, Released @ 8 pm EDT

Friday, September 15th, 2017: Big Brother 19 Week # 11- Recorded In The Morning, Released @ 8 pm EDT

             There is your schedule and I ensure you guys I will prevail and stay on schedule this week, this is a new week and I got a plan, hopefully this works out better. Have a great night!


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Plans For Chris B On The Web &!

              I know it's been a week since i posted up a blog post and its because I have been extremely busy with thing and this is why I am writing this bit of an update after I took the post of the announcement here on the blog I now wanna make it clear the plans I have for the website:

- The next big plan is to involve for right now at least one one of my Alumni, also known as my Former Staff blog for the website and someone was picked after a great consideration I chose Larry Rieck a long time friend since College. Why you may ask? Well he like to write and hes got a passion of talking about video games and also Reality TV so he will give you insight with those and it can be anything he wants to talk about as long as it is 300 words or more so. It will be nice to have someone write about Reality TV too he will give you guys his insight on what is going on in the world of Reality TV and I am already guessing Hell's Kitchen will be having a place on this blog as I am not planning on recapping Hell's Kitchen, I thought about it but kind of changed my mind at the last minute to do the coverage but he more then likely will be talking about it and I can see him blogging about it every week. 

- Final thing I would like to mention on today's blog and I apologize profusely for such a lengthy blog post but this has to be announced sooner then later. Anyways the last update I have is I will be doing several collab podcasts with a few of my friends. I got 2 in the back of my mind right now and an interview setup. 1) Interview with Jeff Livingstone 2) CBOTW Presents: Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Talk with hopefully Larry which will be recorded in one full day in 3 parts, one for each season.  3) A collab on Everything About Reality TV with Justin which I am second guessing as BBCan6 is now happening, I had something completely different in mind about it but I will figure out a revise on it someway, somehow. 

Those are my updates and again I am sorry for the long post but so much to announce, so much happening and exciting news to share with you all and Chris B On The Web & are growing so fast and rapidly and the site itself has reached 14.5k (14,500) website views in the last year and it is just crazy but I am one proud owner! 

Have a great day!