Monday, February 3, 2020

Staff List Updated Again!

              With all the changes that has happened comes the Staff List for all across all teams and projects that are going on currently with the website. It is only the start right now and with that I hope to eventually grow the team eventually but that is kind of besides the point right now. Anyways here is the list:


Chris (Me) Founder & Owner 

Larry TVPT/CBOTW Alumni & Advisor 

Billy Advisor 

Everything About Reality TV STAFF:

Chris Founder/Executive Producer/Host 

Larry Co-Founder 

Jasmine Producer

Power Rangers Collab Podcast STAFF: 

Chris (Me) Exec Producer/Host 

Larry Co-Host 

Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours To Hell and Back Collab STAFF:

Steven Host

Chris (Me) Exec Producer/Co-Host  

                    There is the list of the Staff and yea we got a second collab on the go and more then likely we will be doing this the rest of the season and will see and you never know one of the main podcasts or even a new podcast could pop up anytime in the very near future as the last collaboration Podcast has done extremely well with the viewership which is making me ready to offer someone a podcast of their own so you never really know what will happen around with Chris B On The Web.


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