Sunday, February 2, 2020

Minor Changes To Everything About Reality TV Podcast

              I did not think about changes would be made again once again however I am glad this is done in the Pre-Season, it could of been a lot rougher mid season but however that is now besides the point and I am going to explain everything to what is going on. Yes I realize there has been no blog is 2 days now and one of the reasons is because I slept half the day actually. Well to be honest with you guys I wrote this at 3 in the morning this morning due to the fact I couldn't sleep at all. However as you guys know from the video I posted on Social Media last night, that Jasmine is no longer hosting the Big Brother Canada Season 8 and Big Brother US Season 22 Recaps due to commitment with work which is totally understandable and we discussed things and Jasmine isn't going anywhere as their going to be still involved with Everything About Reality TV Podcast from a Behind The Scenes standpoint. What does this mean? Jasmine will be in charge of things behind the scenes from getting guests on the podcast each week hopefully to letting me know when Reality TV Shows are going to be starting and Season Finales and so on. What does this mean for Big Brother Canada coming up? Well yours truly will be taking on the role on host for this season at least and you never know this could open the doors with the guests we have on this season to possible more permanent Host for Big Brother US 22 in the summer. These were all Jasmine's ideas and I totally agree and this is something we should of done from get go but that's OK. It's a learning curve as this is the first time and we sure have some ideas moving forward.

             Anyways that is what is going to happen and I already posed an idea to my team and if we add something I will be sure to announce it here on the blog at some point in very near future for right now we are still currently on Audio ONLY and looks like I will be back doing Big Brother Canada Recaps again this year and looks like Larry and I will be doing a Finale Podcast as well. So some positive things out of but yea I know I was excited to be sharing the podcast with not just myself but other people as well but in a way I still am, Jasmine is still part of the team and involved but just in a different way. The way I think about it is there is a positive outlook to the situation honestly and I am still a very happy Exec Producer and Host. Maybe in a few months time we will find a permanent host for Big Brother Recaps. However this is not the right time and in time we will work on the next step. Right now it is one step at a time and that is what we plan on doing from here on out. I got such a supportive team CBOTW wise, podcast wise as well and they respect any decision that we make moving forward. 


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