Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Is Growing!

             Obviously I have spoken about why I refuse to create content but I want to re-iterate it to you guys why. It is getting to the 4 year mark since I retired from YouTube. Now yes I have tried numerous times to return to bring the Podcast back but failed time and time again and honestly it will just not work out. Honestly there are reasons why such as the views will be suppressed and not too many ppl will find the channel, Ad revenue not being so great and so forth. Also being a new channel it will be a tough uphill battle especially with the advertiser friendly content so it will most definitely tough. The other thing is we have become quite a household name on Audio ONLY lately and I am talking 18 different platforms at the moment as of right now that is how many platforms. This is why I am very skeptical of going back to video and I honestly am happy with the platforms it is on right now and it always growing and even newer platforms that I have never heard about it seems to show up. I think it is clear obviously that I am, sorry we're happy on the platforms that we are on right now and that is what really matters right now is that we're happy where we are on right now. 

              So I think it is very clear that the podcast is meant to be on Audio ONLY and that is what we are going to do. Honestly going back to YouTube at this point I think it is not nor ever going to happen and even with a new podcast in the future or any other content of any sort it will not happen. YouTube has been dead for a while now and with everything that has happened to that platform it's sad honestly. Yes I realize I do watch videos but cannot comment on videos or reply to people as technically I do not have a channel but cant subscribe and like videos etc, etc. So I guess I am an invisible subscriber? Not sure honestly and not sure why but I'm rambling again. Anyways the point is the podcast is growing and that is what matters and all we can really do is keep on growing from here on out and watch it grow more and more as we continue on with the podcast as we are on the move to our 5th Year on the podcast. That are my thoughts on things right now and I am nothing but very happy with the way things have been going for us right now.


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