Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Studio Updates for 01-05-2020

              I have some updates for you guys... I know its been several days, maybe a week or so now. However as you can see in the picture to the right of what I am typing yes, I am back at my studio desk, the one that has been restored with a new top to it which was easy to replace honestly. However trust me it is a heavy desk now. Now I have been back at my desk since Sunday night when I didn't have any of this setup no boom arms, side desk new stackables which I will get to momentarily and the final setup stages of the setup to the studio. So it stayed like this for a couple of days honestly and I was at what you see on the right hand side with just the monitors and there was absolutely no boom arms nothing! Just the bare bones of the desk.

Now I did move the desk to the corner as I was planning to and honestly my plan setting it back up was to be simple, have a simple setup. that is what I did there. Now in the picture you see to the left has no boom arms and yes I will get to that in a short bit. Mind you I had to go out to the Eye Doctor to get my lens ordered for my frames so I didn't have time to get to set it up so, like I said I will get to it. You can kind of imagine the process of it but big thanks to my dad for the help on the setup as he helped me setup the carpet desk and what not and honestly I kept on moving things and tweaking for hours on end but I think I am definitely happy with the setup as it is now and no regrets on my own setup.

           Finally in the 3rd and final picture is the final setup of the desk area which has the new stackables which is a ton better then what I had before which holds a lot more then it did before. Also you can see the side desk is once again back in play again and being used  again. Obviously the boom arms are setup but at this moment untested right now so I have to still do that at some point in the next week and a half as I have a podcast to record with Larry as we're only a week and a half from that which I will be addressing that on tomorrow's post. Finally I want to say the dresser yes needs the 3rd drawer put back as right now it is a broken drawer at the moment but in time I will get that repaired and fixed at some point soon. I hope you guys enjoyed this update on the studio and there is still the ceiling to finish and also putting up the shelving and unpacking stuff that is still to come but in time we will be all setup eventually. Not sure what the plan is with the curtain or the green screen is but we will see. Sorry for such a long post but I will talk to you guys tomorrow!


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