Thursday, February 6, 2020

Power Rangers Podcast Is Returning!

               So this is the official announcement for the Power Rangers Podcast which isn't a collaboration podcast anymore and I will get into details about this on Saturday's blog post when I make an official announce for you guys which is Huge News for you guys! Anyways as you know rumors and speculations for weeks that we are indeed close to coming back and yes I have been working long hours to getting the notes done and i can say officially that I am at the tail end of the podcast notes which means a week Sunday, Larry and I will be back together recording the 2 podcasts finally. Also note that when I was at the other desk It was not set for 2 boom arms as I have said in the past posts but now that the setup is very much done and ready and all we really have to do from here on our is to actually finish the notes and get it done. I should be done by the end of the weekend at the most, hoping by the end of the week. After that I will be taking a week off from preparing Power Rangers Time Force and also Power Rangers Wild Force seasons which I plan to actually get going on these for June as time will be indeed ticking.

                Larry doesn't know about this news yet as I haven't spoken to him since Sunday and he has not been online lately due to personal obligations which is fine and gives me time to finish things up and print them off and get them into the folder and ready to go for a week Sunday. I know in the end I will deserve a break from the Power Rangers Podcast once I am done as after a week Sunday I will end up in the editing process of the Podcast and hopefully have something up for you guys end of that week honestly so you have something to listen to. I want to also remind you guys that Larry and I will be doing 3 recording sessions this year so there will be a ton of content for you guys this year and excited to be bringing 3 of them out this year. Also that we are catching up on things from last year still as we did not record a second set of 2 seasons so we are catching up but come June we will be back on the right track again and raring to go for another one come June and October.


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