Friday, February 7, 2020

Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show Podcasts Schedule

         As you know we are just about to go underway with our 13th Season of the Podcast and I can say this: I am very proud of this podcast especially with the rough time it went through with last year we are raring to go. I am giving this season a theme and it is to give back to the fans who have been loyal to the podcast. With saying that as you have seen we have made a post to have super fans like ourselves on our podcast. We will be reaching out to you guys as we get closer and we have gotten a couple of requests to be on the podcast already and I can officially say this, Eric who use to be staff on my other team is on the list to come on the podcast during the season. So please reach out to us. Now as you know I am currently scheduled to host BBCAN8 Recaps and we officially have our schedule for Recaps. It hasn't changed much this year. However as you guys know we have another podcast added, The CBOTW Show which I will talk about on tomorrow's blog post. Without further ado here is our timetable for not only Everything About Reality TV but also The CBOTW Show as well:

Thursdays:  6 pm EST: The CBOTW Show- Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours To Hell and Back (Steven)

                     9 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor: Winners At War Recap (Chris) 

Fridays: 9 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada 8 Recap

           There is the schedule for both Podcasts and we are about to get to our busy and I do have information on BBCAN8 but going to wait to tell you guys eventually. It is too soon to tell you guys Finale dates and we haven't started yet. I can say this, it will be an epic season ahead if us and just excited in general to the upcoming season. One other thing that I am not sure on right now is TAR (Amazing Race US) but once I know, I will be announcing it to you guys when that returns but for right now we have the three things going on and that is what we will be focusing on at the moment however like I have said in the past I will let you guys know when I have more information! Hope you guys are excited for a brand new season as we are excited to produce a new season.


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