Saturday, February 8, 2020

The CBOTW Show Is Back After a 2 Year Hiatus!

                 It has been nearly 2 Years since The CBOTW Show has gone off the air abruptly and after this long hiatus, the podcast is officially is back! It will be a new feed and new start to it however I am currently having issues with the account on Apple so I have to somehow fix that issue tomorrow or Monday at some point when I get a chance. So the podcast now compare to before where we had Last Man Standing, Music City CMT (Which can be found on Everything About Reality TV) and Power Rangers Podcast. However there is one of those that I have listed that is guaranteed to come back however we are adding onto the podcast and here is what you can see on the podcast this year (2020):

Chris (Myself) and Larry:

- Power Rangers Podcast: It'll continue on the Podcast as it did originally when we first started this journey almost 2 years ago and we are proud it is returning to the podcast where it began it's journey.


- Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours To Hell and Back

- Masterchef

- Masterchef Junior

- Hell's Kitchen

                     There is the list of and as you guys can see Steven is the main person behind this podcast, he has majority of Executive Producer role then I do. I think I am more just a producer at this point as I play a low key part of the podcast but Steven is the man to come to when it comes to the first contact for the podcast and I will be sure to forward the message to him if you guys got a question for the podcast. I did have a thought about having separate emails and that is what we are going to plan on doing moving forward but announcement to come this week for you guys.


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