Sunday, February 9, 2020

Power Rangers Podcast Ready To Go!

             Due to Chris being unavailable today for unforseen circumstances, I am going to write the post for him as he has quite the team here at CBOTW HQ and around the world too as well. As of yesterday morning, he has officially completed the notes and boy I tell you it is a doosey. I can say he's written 44 pages of notes but Chris and Larry have done that before and I am sure when it comes to the guys recording a week today, they will give you a good long good old podcast. They are known for that and enjoy the longer episodes that they record for you guys. So Larry and Chris are going to be meeting up early in the AM, not like 7 or 8 am but little after 9 am over at his end and going to get going on recording bright and early. The one thing Chris has mentioned to us and the entire team behind Chris B On The Web is minus Larry who doesn't know about this yet but will in time and that is the podcast is under The CBOTW Show after a 2 Year Hiatus from the podcast being active and operating. Chris will be talking to Larry this week about it and that he has placed the podcast under that. However he will explain on Wednesday why the Collab Page went away on the Wednesday post. 

                The Podcast is a little less then a week away and we're all excited to show you guys what we have been working on in the past several months and on behalf we give our apologies for the lateness of this podcast and as he has said in the past the two of them are planning to bring out 4 more episodes with a total of 6 this year and if all goes well, never know the two boys may do more episodes per year but they try and keep to the twice a year thing if possible. I know Chris is not scheduled to start the next phase which is Power Rangers Time Force and Power Rangers Wild Force this week as he is taking time for himself as he has worked hours and hours night and day on the notes and he is probably the most dedicated person with that podcast ever, both of them are. 

The CBOTW Team

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