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Friday, April 5, 2024

Post Power Rangers Podcast Check-in!

               Now with Power Rangers done and Power Rangers Podcast now on Hiatus for right now, I feel the sense of relief. I know you are shocked to hear this from me but now that it has wrapped up production I do not know what I will do with my time after editing is completed and I am currently working on it at this moment. It feels weird to not have to do anything now. I can work around other projects, I have a ton of Entertainment Man Podcast episodes I want to write and have done and ready and the list is pretty endless so I'd like to work on that for a while and it's not too much work but something on the list. 

               With being in post production, editing is taking place and we are working hard to get both the video and audio only and excited to be releasing these to you guys soon. I have handed off an episode to Kelsie to help out with the editing process to speed it up so it is ready to go. This is why we moved the Mean Girls Reboot to next week instead so gives us more time to work and edit but I am sure it will be done quickly. We edit at a good speed so it is done. Anyways that is the check-in blog and have a great weekend as Kelsie is doing the end of the week updates and I will talk to you all on Monday!


Saturday, March 30, 2024

End of The Week Updates [03-30-2024]

           Another long week is over for us. It has been a barrel of stress for us all. As you know this week I was named the new Chief Operating Officer, also known as the COO. I am so thrilled and excited Chris named me for this role on the team which covers the same jobs as before, helping out the community, answering emails, Facebook and Twitter messages. But also help with planning events both Online and in person. 

           I know Chris hasn't had the time to finish working on Power Rangers Podcast for The CBOTW Show but spent yesterday and yesterday night and today on watching the series to try and get it done. Now Entertainment Man Podcast is edited and ready for release tomorrow afternoon and he has to still put the episode information up on this very website. 

           He will be talking about this next week but reason for no blog yesterday, he gave all of us the day off including him even though he said he's going to be working on the season but got busy with other things I guess. This also reminds me to remind you no blog on Monday and we will be running on a 5 day week for blog rather then the normal 6 day blog but we will be on a 5 day as we're off tomorrow and Monday for work wise and taking some very well earned time off. Also Chris will be doing a split streams between Facebook and Instagram so be sure to check those out! Those are the updates and rather a very long update but I will talk to you all at the end of the upcoming week and wish you all a very Happy Easter from all of us, here at ChrisBOnTheWeb Media. 

Kelsie, COO (Chief Operating Officer) 

Friday, March 22, 2024

End of The Week Updates [04-22-2024]

              At least this week, I am ahead of schedule and I have the blog post out on time. Anyways there is a several updates to report to you all:

1) The first thing is Chris has been busy recording and editing this week. He recorded early week the Anxiety episode he wanted to talk about and is out and the most recent episode to date right now here on the website, other audio only platforms and of course YouTube

2) He recorded Power Rangers Dino Fury season 1 which should be done by today at the most. 

3) He had another interview, this time with David Hirsch which I am excited to hear as I heard it went very well. He's been busy editing everything and putting it together. 

4) Also he is working on season 2 now and hopes to have it done by Monday or Tuesday at the latest so he can work on and complete the 30th season, Cosmic Fury by end of next week so he can start working on Entertainment Man Podcast fully.

          Lots of work to be done and I continue to work on graphics when needed and answering the emails for him trying to cover him while he gets all this work done and I have a lot of faith he will get it done. That is the post for this week and I will speak to you all next Friday. 


Friday, March 15, 2024

End of The Week Updates [03-15-2024]

            I am sorry I am late for this but life gets in the way. First thing is first, Chris should be done the first season of Power Rangers Dino Fury but then it's up to him to finish up the next one in the next 5 - 7 days from now. The next things I want to say is a big thank you and welcome to our new members of our Discord server. Speaking of welcome our team would like to welcome Haylie to the team replacing my brother and will eventually replacing me for 7 months to a year while I take my leave of absence but I will have time to train her and don't worry I'll be still around the community, especially with Discord and any of the social media's. I'm not sure if I will have Staff status while I am away in the discord or if he will make me an admin for the time being I do not know. 

           As for Entertainment Man Podcast, Chris is still doing what he's doing with the podcast, continuing to be a success on that podcast. There is nothing else I want to speak on for this week, the website continues to strive forward we continue to grow as a community and company and we want to be more active on the social media. He has a bunch of posts coming today so stay tuned for that but that is this week's end of the week updates, have a wonderful weekend and speak to you all soon!



Friday, March 8, 2024

End of The Week Updates [03-08-2024]

            This week has been pretty interesting.. From recording episodes to posting them, Chris has been a very busy guy honestly. This weekend will be important and he has decided that he is dedicating this weekend and week to finishing up Power Rangers seasons so he can lock in recording in just under a week and a half so that is his goal for right now is the getting that all finished up and done. So this means he has confirmed no streams this weekend. He wants to focus on getting these done. If it wasn't for him watching the shows and seasons, he would of been casting. 

            He has been tearing down a building on his Minecraft server with TNT but he will show you guys when it's completely down. But this is the end of the week updates. Between that he will be recording and in another meeting Tuesday in the afternoon between 2 pm and 5 pm EST so he is a very busy, busy guy. he is pretty much booked up with interviews till April at this point but busy is a good thing. That is everything to update with and he is sorry for no streams this weekend but next weekend, he will be going live on Saturday and I will talk to you at the end of next week, have a wonderful weekend.


Friday, March 1, 2024

End of The Week Updates [03-01-2024]

             Hey everyone! 

             Happy 1st of March! Here are your updates: With both Sunday's and Wednesdays episode now complete for Entertainment Man Podcast, Chris can clearly sit back and watch Power Rangers Dino Fury which he has been doing lately. He hope to be done or close to done by today then if he finishes tomorrow he will start working on season 2 hoping to be finished by Tuesday this way him and Larry will most definitely have something to record for The CBOTW Show next Thursday. 

             Also we have had a bit of a influx of spam on our Discord server, so Chris has adjusted the bot to mute it too incase myself, Larry, Jim or himself do not get to timeout the perpetrator that is causing problems. Also I've added with his permission a spam corner and the bot has been disabled for that channel so you can spam away all you want but still the other rules like being respectful and what not still applies to that channel. Finally I want to thank everyone that's supported us whether it's Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram, Threads, YouTube, Audio ONLY or even on our Discord, we appreciate your tireless support. I will talk to you all end of the next week, please enjoy your weekend. 


Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The CBOTW Show in the next month and a Half!

            Well, the plans for recording this week has backfired on Larry and I. It is not cause of him, it was cause of me. I fell so behind and haven't watched the next season yet but here is the plan for March to late April with both Power Rangers and other shows with an announcement:

February 28th, 2024: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Season 2

March 13th, 2024: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Season 1

March 27th, 2024: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Season 2

April 10th, 2024: Collab with Izac from Fun Football Podcast (Surprise topic!)

April 24th, 2024: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury (Season 30 and Final Season)

May 8th, 2024: Who's The Boss EP # 1 & 2 Recap (To be Confirmed)

           Yes with the news of a potential reboot, I want to get ready and cover Who's The Boss for the next how long. There will be more details when we get closer to it but don't worry there will be more content with Larry and I but I promise to fill between with Who's The Boss. I will make sure to fit it in somewhere. I will talk to Larry first see if he has any ideas. However that is the post for today and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow for another post!


Friday, February 16, 2024

End of The Week Updates [02-16-2024]

              Another stressful and chaotic week once again and one update I can give you guys is Chris hasn't started Dino Fury as everything else going on right now but he's going to spend hours watching the show this weekend on a really long binge of the shows in order to get them done hopefully by Tuesday so sounds like there will be no time off, the studio will be operating on Family Day 2024 up here in Ontario Canada. Which is fine really, if he has to, he has to and I've reminded him and knows to spend time with his parents. He's possibly going to be getting tickets for the Generals game with his parents but on a wait list so fingers crossed as he loves the OHL (Ontario Hockey League) games.

             Anyhow, we're currently working on editing this weekends episode and helping Chris out with that so we can move on to that bigger step as he really, really wants to actually get it done and he's known for getting a show done in a couple of days and can most definitely do that again especially with his new method now, anything is actually possible. There is no other updates but he will be streaming this weekend a few times, Saturday (tomorrow) at 1 pm EST with a just chatting stream and Sunday at 1 pm EST for a gaming stream and I will speak to you guys next week.


Saturday, February 10, 2024

End of The Week Updates [02-10-2024]

             This week has been an emotional week for Chris and he's been dealing with some personal things and being there for his friends which is very important. So that is one of the reasons Wednesday's Entertainment Man Podcast was cancelled and rescheduled to next Wednesday. Which ultimately puts us at 3 podcasts for the week technically. However he is fine with it as he plans to try and record or has recorded today at some point and shouldn't be too long but that will be the start of his little break till Thursday's show, his interview with Med from Shots From The Sidelines but there is no shows scheduled between tomorrow and Wednesday and time to edit and schedule those podcasts too. 

             Chris has also stopped working on the notes for Entertainment Man Podcast and do not worry, he has enough show topics ready to go regardless. He wants to start working on Dino Fury as of Sunday or Monday so it is ready to go. I am helping him as much as possible with the editing and learning some new skills this weekend. He is taking a shot at finishing both seasons by end of next weekend, done finished, completed so the week him and Larry record, he finishes up with Cosmic Fury the FINAL episode so he can start working on the movie collab with Izac. Those are the updates and I hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend and I will speak to you at the end of next week on Saturday as we are OFFICIALLY doing 6 blogs a week now. Chris will explain on Monday but talk Saturday!


Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Power Rangers Podcast is Back!

                After 7 months off the air from Power Rangers Podcast on The CBOTW Show, we are back on the air this week! Exciting I know. 7 month Hiatus from that podcast has probably have you guys wondering if it was to return to air. We feel your frustration as we were on the cusp of finishing up all 30 seasons before the podcast was to stop all together as the series was concluding to move into a reboot phase of the series which we are still planning to look into actually. 

              So this Thursday, February 8th, 2024, Larry and I will be back in this wonderful studio of ours recording the next two seasons which after this week this leaves the final 3 seasons we need to watch, take notes and record. So any podcasts will be already recorded for the coming week every second week so we are directing all our attention to finishing it then it will be a free for all and we are still planning to collaborate with another podcast for a movie of some sort or even TV Show. Anyways that will be later but for now, we're back and look forward to you guys hearing the podcast again and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Saturday, November 11, 2023

End of The Week Updates [11-11-2023]

       Another week has wrapped up for us but first, I want us to remember those who we lost during any of the wars, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War or any of the wars that has gone on the last 20 + years. We will never forget.

     So this week has been chaos for us, from Chris switching gears to Power Rangers to really get it done for the 23rd and that is the ultimate goal and he wants to get both seasons done by Monday or Tuesday so he can start typing up the notes on the other computer behind him on the right side. Also he has been busy with The Royal Winter Fair content and plans to post up a ton of stuff from the day which spans to Sunday on social media then one more a podcast that he says he's going to post to YouTube but not 100% sure as the bonus episodes are still 100% Audio ONLY at the moment. 

       So it is I think he's doing The Great Outdoors end of next week actually of my knowledge what he's told me but all I know is 3 podcasts next week, 2 on Monday and 1 on Wednesday at the most. Also fair warning he may pop up at 1 pm ET on for a stream but depends if he is busy and has time, also when he gets back as he was suppose to be back in Toronto on personal business but that has been moved to Thursday. Anyway that is the post for the week, I will speak to you all on Saturday as next week is indeed another 6 days of blogging for us, so have a good weekend and week, talk to you all in the community and I will be back here next Saturday for another "End of the Week Updates."

Mark, Community Director

Saturday, November 4, 2023

End of The Week Updates [11-04-2023]

                   It is time for the end of the week updates. I know Chris has been off kilter for the podcasts this week and he's had to deal with the COVID shot this week which knocked him out for 2 days straight but yesterday got so much done and finished which is amazing that he got it finished. He is aiming to work on Power Rangers Beast Morphers all weekend long and he's so fired up to getting it done finally with a brand new schedule that has taken place. Speaking of which we've sort of now adopted the new schedule ahead of next week's change over in our schedule and I think he's wanted to actually change over the schedule sooner due to the overwhelming amount of episodes which this week things really got derailed all together. 

                    Next week is a new week for us and Chris is actually at an event "The Royal Winter Fair" in Toronto. He is excited about returning to the Royal but worried he's gonna get COVID but I doubt it will happen as it won't be as busy on the Thursday till later on in the evening and he's not attending the Royal Horse Show as it is in the evening this year. On top of that he has to finish up Power Rangers Beast Morphers by end of next week if he wants to actually start typing up the notes and getting it up on time. Nothing else happening, however I am starting to put together the schedule page for 2024 for 10th anniversary and already created the drop down as we will be releasing soon, actually November 20th, 2023 for the walk down memory lane, December 1st, 2023 and December 15th, 2023 the 10th Anniversary Schedule.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend and next will be a 6 day blog schedule once again as we have a ton of content coming your way and I will talk to you all next week. 

Mark, Community Director

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

I See Larry Tomorrow since July.

             Tomorrow I am reunited with my right hand man, Senior Producer & Co Host, Larry since the end of July which was the last time we saw each other last. So it will be nice to see him once again even though it will be a social gathering for him and I as I am just getting into the swing of things with Power Rangers Podcast and getting things ready for November and we're probably a month away from recording at this point as I am aiming but will be adding December if I need to to finish up the seasons we need to finish. 

            One thing Larry doesn't know is that January 2024 we will be recording Cosmic Fury which is indeed the final season in the series we need to finish and there is still rumors there will be a 31st season but nothing is in iron pled at this moment as I said nothing is confirmed but I know him and I will get into a discussion about that too I'm sure. I know I probably will have some kind of update for him where I'm at but end of the week or by the end of the weekend for both Beast Morphers seasons so next week I can sit and record. That is practically the update I will be giving him this week. So an update will be given to him on that and we will be discussing things as well. However that is the post for today and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, October 6, 2023

End of The Week Updates [10-06-2023]

                  Well not much of an update from us. I know this is the end of the week updates but Chris is recording the podcast for this weekend, editing and scheduling it to be post as a reminder he is not available Sunday as he will be in Halton at the Streetcar Museum. Also he is working on Power Rangers finally. No bars held this time. He is adamant on getting it done with no distractions. He wants to get it finished for November so the two of them can finally get back to recording and finishing off this epic journey they have together. 

                 In a few hours if you are reading this at 11 am, EDT, Chris is going to be interviewed by Bob who was on Chris's podcast I believe earlier this year which can be found here: @ 2 pm EDT.  Excited to hear the interview and Chris jokes this is his once a year interview. I know he's kidding but he's made a lot of great connections in the last year and a half. That's the updates for the week, minus Staff page changed from the team to "Staff," I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to our Canadian fans out there and Chris will be back blogging on Monday with a Angels Creamery Review. 


Friday, August 25, 2023

End of The Week Updates [08-25-2023]

             Another week has come to a close... Well let me start with an announcement:

 Additional Blog: Wait actually big announcement tomorrow at 11 am EST for the Kars on King which is an annual event I go to each and every year. Also Monday on the normal day for blogs will be the Auto Fest which we will be going to on Sunday afternoon.

Entertainment Man Podcast: Speaking of events, this weekend's episode will be posted up not premiered as I said before I will be at Auto Fest with my dad so I will not be available for a premiere and I apologize and I will make it up to you guys next weekend as it is indeed the 500th episode as a podcaster! 

The CBOTW Show- Power Rangers Podcast: So I am still stuck trying to get it done and this weekend I need to start working on it and getting it finished for October as time is ticking and I am sure Larry is waiting on news from me when I finish the next set for us to record. Hoping to get it all done within a week and a half then to typing I go.

       Those are the updates for this week but this is not the end of the blogs for the week as tomorrow will be the Kars on King event downtown and I look forward to going to the event and attending the event. Anyone that lives locally and sees me please do not hesitate to stop me and say hey and get a fan photo. Love interacting with the fans and I know I have many fans locally but anyways I will speak to you all tomorrow for a bonus blog which rarely happens but I will speak to you all tomorrow!


Friday, July 7, 2023

End of The Week Updates [07-07-2023]

             Another week has gone by and time for another end of the week updates! Without further ado here are the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: As I said yesterday premieres are going to be put on hold while I am not available/away. Also interviews will be pausing but I will be talking more about this Sunday as I am still figuring a few details out while I am away. 

Blogs: Blogs for the most part are done minus Tuesday's blog and still working on the final details for that post and then I will not have to do anymore blogs till I get back after my trip. 

Power Rangers Podcast (The CBOTW Show): As you know at the end of this month, Larry and I will be due to record the Beast Morphers but I do not see this being a reality and I came to reality with myself that I am biting off more then I can chew so we are backing away and taking a break from it till the fall. This gives me more time to work on it when I get back.

              So that is the updates and as I said this is the final end of the week updates till the 28th of July which is quite some time from now 3 weeks to be exact, I will talk to you all Monday, have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you Monday.


Tuesday, June 13, 2023

The CBOTW Show Latest Updates!

           As you know The CBOTW Show is underway with it's return and excited what is planned out for the podcast. The infrastructure of the podcast is still movies and TV shows but here are the list of the current podcasts within The CBOTW Show: 

Power Rangers: Continuing to finish up the seasons with Larry as we are trying to get it done for season 30's arrival and we will, just stress of it all is getting to me but keeping up with the grind on the podcast even if I need to reschedule some to early fall if necessary.

Amazing Race Canada: This summer will be the return of a popular podcast that was loved on Everything About Reality TV from 2015 - 2020 and excited I will hosting it personally!

Now onto shows and movies that are coming soon: 

Amazing Race US: Again you're truly will be hosting recaps for the 35th season coming at the end of this fall.

Survivor: Will be having recaps just have to find a host for that later in the summer time. 

Dumb & Dumberer, Dumb & Dumber and Dumb & Dumber To: This is the other movie I wanna do on my own time probably sometime in the new year as Larry and I will be off the air after Power Rangers Podcast wraps up as we will be taking a bit of a break from the series. 

Power Rangers Movies: It has been said for about the last year we wanted to cover all 3 movies and 2024 will be the best opportunity to do just that before we work on anything else as we are not planning on any other series till 2025 at the most.

            That is what is planned, a lot on the go and planned for the podcast. I hope to find some help with the Survivor podcasts maybe eventually we will grow from there but that is my post, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Friday, January 13, 2023

End of The Week Updates [01-13-2023]

            Another week has come to an and time for some updates. It's been a long week for us, lost two staff this year already but Chloe has signing an long term agreement with the team and we signed it online. It's a long explanation but here are the updates:

Website: With Chloe back in the reigns, we've actually updated the "Staff" page. I know it is becoming too much to constantly and we rarely post an update but it is updated that is what is most important.

Entertainment Man Podcast: I am still looking for interviews and not sure but Entertainment Man Podcast hasn't gotten any views lately on Matchmaker and not sure if my podcast is showing up in the results and I've considered contacting em cause the profile should be showing up regardless. 

Power Rangers Collab: This week was about me watching and getting notes done so we can actually have a podcast and that is the goal this weekend to get it finished both seasons. Also I have come up with an idea to post on social media a clip of the upcoming podcast to give you guys an idea what the new format will be. Also the entire finish Power Rangers Season by end of July for Cosmic Fury, 30th Anniversary Reunion and Quantum Continuum, well it was green lit by my other Executive Producer he said it was a great goal to have. So we're gonna try to get it all done in the first 7 months so the schedule could change down the road after February. I will have to talk to him about a schedule that he never received in the mail... lol... First time that happened. A blog for Monday that's for sure.

              Anyways those are the updates for this week, I hope you have a great weekend and I will be sure to tell that story about the mail that never arrived at Larry's but hopefully it gets there next week but I will talk to you all Monday!


Friday, February 18, 2022

End of The Week Updates [02-18-2022]

              Well another week has come and gone and it is time for another end of the week update. It has been another crazy week and emotional as we lost a dear member this week as she passed away.

The CBOTW Show: Also some great news as you know Big Brother is returning lets get right into it. Big Brother Canada has been thrown into the mix of things and excited to be doing this podcast and yes I said I'm excited to be doing this podcast cause yours truly is actually doing this podcast and excited to be back and yes I am doing this solo this time as last time it was a disaster and Season 9 was technically not completed all the way as I ended up stopping those recaps for foreseen circumstances. I am staying solo no matter what.

Power Rangers Podcast: I do have an update with my crazy schedule I have broken how I am going to get it done. By end of next week I am aiming to get it all done before the Friday the 4th of March and sent out to him that is Samurai just the first of 2 podcasts. Then the next step after that is to have Super Samurai done by March 18th for the following week schedule which I will get into next week on the blog.

Website: Website is doing well, almost at 350K (350,000 views) on the website and it is incredible to see the amount of growth the website has gotten over the years and the fact I continuous work on it and improve the website on a regular bases and it has truly been an amazing how people have loved the updates that has been made.
                 Anyways that is the updates for this week, not much just podcast stuff and craziness this week and I will speak to you all on Monday morning for another blog post which I do have some ideas already but have a great weekend and I will talk to you all Monday.


Friday, February 4, 2022

End of The Week Updates [01-04-2022]

                    Another week has gone by which means it is time for another end of the week update for you guys. It has been another stressful and busy week with ChrisBOnTheWeb. I have questioned a lot of things and made so many changes so quickly.

Facebook: The community is doign just fine minus the rogue moderator issue which now has been resolved as they have been removed as a moderator it is now Larry & Amy as mods and myself as the Admin and sole admin of the group.     

Website: The site has been updated and as you can see the On Demand tab is back. Also the Podcasts tab has in brackets (Audio ONLY) written so you guys know and it distiguished between video and audio only platforms. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: All is well with the podcast and been busy with interviews and been a hectic recording schedule. Just got started on interviews and the past month has been mostly interviews and not complaining. However this weekend I have one interview on Saturday afternoon and one on Monday afternoon. A week Monday, I have an interview with Jimi from The Record Machine Show which he is also part of the ChrisBOnTheWeb Community so I am looking forward to the interview.  

The CBOTW Show: We remain pretty quiet in the way of news, there will be a video explaining everything by the end of the month. Larry and I are still hoping to record by the end of February but we will see how things go. Working on things behind the scenes and once things are completed and sent to Larry then I will announcement. 

            That are my updates for today, as always busy week and an announcement towards the Facebook is coming and there will be more then likely a Facebook Live Stream to announce a change in the way we're now doing moderators moving forward and that will be only exclusively on Facebook so be sure to join if you haven't done so yet. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you all Monday!