Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The CBOTW Show in the next month and a Half!

            Well, the plans for recording this week has backfired on Larry and I. It is not cause of him, it was cause of me. I fell so behind and haven't watched the next season yet but here is the plan for March to late April with both Power Rangers and other shows with an announcement:

February 28th, 2024: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Season 2

March 13th, 2024: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Season 1

March 27th, 2024: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Season 2

April 10th, 2024: Collab with Izac from Fun Football Podcast (Surprise topic!)

April 24th, 2024: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury (Season 30 and Final Season)

May 8th, 2024: Who's The Boss EP # 1 & 2 Recap (To be Confirmed)

           Yes with the news of a potential reboot, I want to get ready and cover Who's The Boss for the next how long. There will be more details when we get closer to it but don't worry there will be more content with Larry and I but I promise to fill between with Who's The Boss. I will make sure to fit it in somewhere. I will talk to Larry first see if he has any ideas. However that is the post for today and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow for another post!


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