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Saturday, May 11, 2024

End of The Week Updates [05-11-2024]

                This is my final end of the week updates for 2 weeks as Chris has given me next week off from the blog and plus there will not be a lot of updates to be given that week as he's away half of the week and I wish him a safe travel and to have a good time. So to the updates, Chris has finished up all the recordings and finishing up editing the podcast editing for the next 2 weeks till he's back and ready to get back into recording new episodes. He isn't booking any new interviews right now till he gets back and settled back in and sounds like start of June for him to start back up with interviews again.

                The Discord server continues to flourish and grow and is always busy and active especially with my best friend, Brooke as an intern with ChrisBOnTheWeb Media who's help Chris, Larry and I run the server. Also the Facebook Group has returned and is active as well as ever can be which is great to see. Chris will be back in about 2 weeks from today for streaming and excited to catch back up with you all with the streams again on weekends. Finally, he plans on working on The CBOTW Show for future episodes before he leaves for Quebec on Wednesday this upcoming week and going to see how much he can get done. So there are the updates for the week, I will be monitoring the socials, email and Discord as always if you have any questions as Chris will be away, he's left me in charge and I will speak to you all 2 weeks from now. 

Kelsie, COO of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media

Saturday, May 4, 2024

End of The Week Updates [04-04-2024]

                    Here are your updates for the end of the week on May 4th, 2024 and oh Happy Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you all. Chris has been extremely busy all week long from recording Entertainment Man Podcast which he has finished those up for this weekend and the weekend he is back from Quebec as he's started to go into holiday mode soon. He has finished up any blogs for the week he's away so this way he doesn't have to worry about it during the time he's away on holidays.  He is finally on The CBOTW Show this weekend working away on The Simpsons episodes he been wanting to work on for a while. Probably take him about half a week to finish those. 

                   I know our Discord Server was taken down then brought back and doing a ton better. Chris has improved it and really gave it a sleek look with the layout of the channels. He finally finished up the server and fully functional and operational at the moment. Chris has also brought back the old group page as well for Behind The Scenes looks and discussions. Already 20 something members strong on there as well. Both buttons have been added to this website the first FB logo is the fan page and the second is the group. Also the Discord is at the far right of all the logos. Those are my updates, a lot that has gone on this week and I will talk to you all next week, have a good weekend.

Kelsie, COO of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media

Friday, October 27, 2023

End of The Week Updates [10-27-2023]

           It is time for the end of the week updates and it has been a very interesting week for us. Chris has been trying and trying to get Power Rangers done so him and Larry can start recording again and finish off this journey but the issues are still riddled with problems so he is going to be working on it this regardless no stopping nothing going to watch the series. This has become a priority as the podcast has been on hiatus for nearly 5 months now. We've been asked where is the podcast and we have had to give the same answer that it's on a hiatus. Even, I do not know what he's thinking but it is being worked on. 

               He has been weaving in and out of Entertainment Man which has an interview today @ 1 pm ET. I look forward to hearing this interview on his podcast this weekend. Will be a tight schedule for editing but I know he is definitely up for the challenge. Our ChrisBOnTheWeb Media Fan Page is now at 75 followers. We thank you all for the love and support you have given use over the years and please continue to support us as we continue to grow and evolve with our podcasts and content. Also on our private Facebook group not so much private has a powerful great small group of people for behind the scenes and fun polls and discussion please also join the group as well as our fan page. but as always I speak to you all next week. 

Enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Why Did The Group Disappeared?

            As you guys probably knew, we had a private Facebook group and I said had very lightly as it is no longer there on the website. This was because of the non sense drama that went on with the group, time and time again and people blocking me, the fan page and my staff. That is a little much to deal with in general. I am very, very annoyed and just the start of problems in this community. I am just fed up of the drama on top of having staff walk out and quit on me. You can see why I am starting to take away things. 

             Plus still dealing with the loss of my grandma, I do not need this garbage from people. I am not naming names but they know they are. I am just going to start blocking banning at this point. I know Jim and Larry have my back, along as my Admin and Moderators and the members of the new Discord server which you can now find it on the right hand side with the blue and white logo at the far right of all four logos that looks like it has two eyes but either way it is an open community but drama free. There are rules to follow. That is my rant post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Friday, October 28, 2022

End of The Week Updates [10-28-2022]

              Another week has ended and it is time for another end of the week updates. Lots of changes and moves have been made on ChrisBOnTheWeb and here are the updates and news:

Website: Podcasts (Audio) is now named On Demand that will house the following Podcasts and Channels: Entertainment Man Podcast; Power Rangers Collab; Movie Collabs (Which is being launched in 2023) & YouTube Channels Page with the current ChrisBOnTheWeb YouTube Channels as of right now. Also Archives has the former YouTube Channels from past group and current. Also schedule has been changed as I will not being going to the Royal Winter Fair nor the Christmas Market due to the rise of cases and the new variant out there. Finally Team page has been updated as Sophie is now part of the management team along with Jeff. 

ChrisBOnTheWeb Facebook Fan Group: There is a Facebook Fan Group to discuss all the happenings ChrisBOnTheWeb related. It is attached to the group and easy to find. 


           Anyways that is the updates for the week,  I hope you all have a great weekend and as always, I will speak to you all on Monday for the the start of a brand new week. 


Friday, February 4, 2022

End of The Week Updates [01-04-2022]

                    Another week has gone by which means it is time for another end of the week update for you guys. It has been another stressful and busy week with ChrisBOnTheWeb. I have questioned a lot of things and made so many changes so quickly.

Facebook: The community is doign just fine minus the rogue moderator issue which now has been resolved as they have been removed as a moderator it is now Larry & Amy as mods and myself as the Admin and sole admin of the group.     

Website: The site has been updated and as you can see the On Demand tab is back. Also the Podcasts tab has in brackets (Audio ONLY) written so you guys know and it distiguished between video and audio only platforms. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: All is well with the podcast and been busy with interviews and been a hectic recording schedule. Just got started on interviews and the past month has been mostly interviews and not complaining. However this weekend I have one interview on Saturday afternoon and one on Monday afternoon. A week Monday, I have an interview with Jimi from The Record Machine Show which he is also part of the ChrisBOnTheWeb Community so I am looking forward to the interview.  

The CBOTW Show: We remain pretty quiet in the way of news, there will be a video explaining everything by the end of the month. Larry and I are still hoping to record by the end of February but we will see how things go. Working on things behind the scenes and once things are completed and sent to Larry then I will announcement. 

            That are my updates for today, as always busy week and an announcement towards the Facebook is coming and there will be more then likely a Facebook Live Stream to announce a change in the way we're now doing moderators moving forward and that will be only exclusively on Facebook so be sure to join if you haven't done so yet. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you all Monday!


Tuesday, December 21, 2021

New Schedule Coming In January!

             With New Years looming closer the schedule for January has been completed.  What I mean I have tweaked the scheduling for 2022 once again in the way of content and even streaming. Here is my Content Schedule:

Sundays: Entertainment Man Podcast, 1 pm EST (Regular Episode)

Monday - Fridays: Daily Blog Post

Thursdays: Entertainment Man Podcast. 1 pm EST (Bonus Episode)

Here is then Stream schedule and now mind you I was going to stream on Twitter but I do not get many listeners so to start I am going to focus on the Facebook and Instagram Social Media for right now. Here is the timetable:

Wednesdays: Instagram Stream, 3 pm EST(Subject To Change If I am busy with family)

Saturdays: Facebook Group Stream, 1 pm EST

              Originally with the content schedule I had the Saturday blogs saved for Saturdays but due to the recent increase in cases, I am putting that on hold at this moment. Also small note that Power Rangers Collaboration posting is a sporadic schedule and why there are times for us being quiet and not saying anything. Anyways those are the updates and they are subject to change at anytime. I will talk to you guys tomorrow!


Friday, August 6, 2021

Facebook Group Issues...

                   There has been so many issues with my Facebook Group I wanna discuss on today's post. I am for one not happy with the state of the group and makes me wonder if I should of just stuck to the fan page months ago and not make the move, however I am sticking to it regardless. Anyways here is what I have to say:

Auto-Mod Mayhem: As you know there is a Auto Mod to help with keeping the group clean and it hasn't worked in my favor as it's declined a members post and it has also done that to as I was NOT an Admin for 2 days as I removed myself because of what I said above and it declined a post of mine from July 31st, 2021 which is odd. We will be making some changes to the Auto Mod to ensure this does not happen again that posts remain up. If it continues I will be disabling it in the group and just do away with it all together. Both of us Admins will have to actually remove posts manually which isn't a problem as both of us are online quite a lot.

                 That is my post for today, myself and Savannah apologize for the issues with the Auto Mod booting posts. We are investigating things why it's declining posts on you guys as it's happened twice. We are also keeping an eye out on the admin panel for about a week to see if anything has been rejected again so pretty much we are monitoring the situation and like I said if we have to we will remove the auto mod all together we will. But anyways have a great weekend and I will talk to you all Monday!



Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Why Did I Switch From A Facebook Fan Page To A Group?

               I know this has been a question for a few weeks now why on earth I changed from a Facebook Fan Page. Well somebody or somehow I got reported to Facebook for misleading content and was unable to earn money from Facebook all together but I do not even earn a single post from Facebook. I have one source of income which I will not say so the trolls do not try and get me demonetized, doing that for my own safety. However recently I felt like the move was a dumb move as 60 likes is a heck of a lot. It probably was the biggest bonehead move I ever made but the way I think of it, I can pin a lot of announcements to the group this way compare to a fan page. Yes it's only 19 members in the group right now and that's fine and anyone can join as its visible to the Facebook Community. I will get more members I'm sure down the road, there will be a place and time for that to happen.

                 I know we had a few members on the group leave and that was cause of the drama going on in that community. Both Savannah and I had to ban 2 individuals after all the drama and this really has me wondering if I just made the wrong decision to stop having a fan page for this group. I wish I actually kept the fan page at this point but I can pin more then one thing at the top of the group so it has that plus. Anyways I am going to continue on with this group and if we lose a ton more to a point of 2 - 5 members, then yes, I'd consider closing it down but for the most part, I plan on keeping the group going and running regardless of the past few weeks, I am moving forward. Hope this explains a bit why I switched over and hopefully things improve for the better of the group. I will talk to you all tomorrow morning at 11 am EST for the usual blog post.


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

We've Moved From A Fan Page To A Group!

                If you are still on the fan page you probably noticed it has become a ghost town and no new posts have gone up on there since the morning and that was because someone reported my posts as "False news" when it isn't all my posts are factual and I have not once posted something that isn't true. This also effects me being monetized but I actually do not earn anything on there or any social media whatsoever, I have other sources of income from this technically. I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Back to the fan page, yes it is a ghost town and pile of you guys 19 to be exact are in a group. That's right I've invited people over to a group which by Thursday will be locked as Private but visible to the Facebook community. This means you cannot see the posts unless you are in that group. I think this is the best idea. Also I will not be promoting the group for 2 weeks until the fan page is permanently deleted from the website. You probably noticed the Facebook button has been removed from the website and this is only temporary until the 2 weeks has passed and I get to actually delete the old fan page. So right now everything is in lock and key at this moment, for those who were on my Fan Page and now on the group itself, posts will resume as normal each and everyday. Also my Management Team are Admins and Moderators which are:


Chris (me), Founder/Owner/Content Creator 

Matt, Site Admin


Billy, Senior Advisor

Tiala, Senior Advisor

Jasmine, Podcasts Senior Advisor

                  When the time comes, I will make a post promoting it but like I said everything is in lock and key for right now and when the 2 weeks are up we go entirely public with this group. Finally I wanna say what an amazing community this is. You guys go to bat for me when I wanted to make the swamp out and hopefully this group will be a permanent fixture with my social media. Anyways that is today's blog post, I will speak to you all tomorrow's post!