Friday, October 27, 2023

End of The Week Updates [10-27-2023]

           It is time for the end of the week updates and it has been a very interesting week for us. Chris has been trying and trying to get Power Rangers done so him and Larry can start recording again and finish off this journey but the issues are still riddled with problems so he is going to be working on it this regardless no stopping nothing going to watch the series. This has become a priority as the podcast has been on hiatus for nearly 5 months now. We've been asked where is the podcast and we have had to give the same answer that it's on a hiatus. Even, I do not know what he's thinking but it is being worked on. 

               He has been weaving in and out of Entertainment Man which has an interview today @ 1 pm ET. I look forward to hearing this interview on his podcast this weekend. Will be a tight schedule for editing but I know he is definitely up for the challenge. Our ChrisBOnTheWeb Media Fan Page is now at 75 followers. We thank you all for the love and support you have given use over the years and please continue to support us as we continue to grow and evolve with our podcasts and content. Also on our private Facebook group not so much private has a powerful great small group of people for behind the scenes and fun polls and discussion please also join the group as well as our fan page. but as always I speak to you all next week. 

Enjoy your weekend!


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