Thursday, October 26, 2023

Not Letting My Frustrations Get The Better of Me.

           I know ChrisBOnTheWeb Media has been a very frustrating thing for us and I will talk about two specific things today. First is AdSense, as you may know our income comes from the website and what is most frustrating is we've earned a penny here and there but after the month they should move it to the earn column. They tell us to not click ads and I don't, I don't actually see the ads I can't click on anything so it makes no sense. However the second part is the internet in the studio as our internet went in and out along with out TV too so it's been frustrating for us. 

         However I need to remember to not let the frustrations get the better of me. This is something that I cannot control, which I meaning the internet issues. I don't even think we can have a wire from the computer to the printer but the printer relies on us using the net but sometimes it's beyond our control. Now as for the AdSense issue, well that can be fixed actually. I could find a way to contact them about it and ask em why they've removed my pennies I've earned. I could also just let it go and keep grinding away. I think that is the plan moving forward but that is the blog post for today have a great weekend as Mark will be doing the "End of The Week Updates" and I will talk to you all on Monday!


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