Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Getting Into a good rhythm with the schedule!

             The scheduled podcasts have been starting to flow a lot better then normal even though I'd like to actually have The CBOTW Show edited by Sunday night by mid day Monday but in time that will happen. I have to remember Sundays I have the premiere for Entertainment Man Podcast plus having to record The CBOTW Show so it is a bit difficult but hoping this weekend to get into the rhythm of things and finish off the month of October strong to quite strong as winner of Big Brother 10, Dan would say. 

           Also I am still not on the proper schedule for Wednesdays which is normally the bonus episode of the podcast and regular but this week is a bit different as there is no bonus episode this week and there is an interview scheduled for Friday so it's different for this week technically. But I know I will have it all done in time for Friday and Sunday as I'm in a very good rhythm right now and more time to work on Power Rangers a bit more. However it is important that I keep this good rhythm going moving forward and Wednesday will be a day for me recording Friday's episode which won't take too long to record and edit depending if I end up recording over 30 minutes long. Anyways that is today's post and I will speak to you all tomorrow. 


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