Tuesday, May 25, 2021

We've Moved From A Fan Page To A Group!

                If you are still on the fan page you probably noticed it has become a ghost town and no new posts have gone up on there since the morning and that was because someone reported my posts as "False news" when it isn't all my posts are factual and I have not once posted something that isn't true. This also effects me being monetized but I actually do not earn anything on there or any social media whatsoever, I have other sources of income from this technically. I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Back to the fan page, yes it is a ghost town and pile of you guys 19 to be exact are in a group. That's right I've invited people over to a group which by Thursday will be locked as Private but visible to the Facebook community. This means you cannot see the posts unless you are in that group. I think this is the best idea. Also I will not be promoting the group for 2 weeks until the fan page is permanently deleted from the website. You probably noticed the Facebook button has been removed from the website and this is only temporary until the 2 weeks has passed and I get to actually delete the old fan page. So right now everything is in lock and key at this moment, for those who were on my Fan Page and now on the group itself, posts will resume as normal each and everyday. Also my Management Team are Admins and Moderators which are:


Chris (me), Founder/Owner/Content Creator 

Matt, Site Admin


Billy, Senior Advisor

Tiala, Senior Advisor

Jasmine, Podcasts Senior Advisor

                  When the time comes, I will make a post promoting it but like I said everything is in lock and key for right now and when the 2 weeks are up we go entirely public with this group. Finally I wanna say what an amazing community this is. You guys go to bat for me when I wanted to make the swamp out and hopefully this group will be a permanent fixture with my social media. Anyways that is today's blog post, I will speak to you all tomorrow's post!


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