Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Why Did I Chose Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collab Over Reality TV Podcasting?

                  This has been topic on my mind for a while now and this is the reason why I decided to make it. The question of the day is why did I chose Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collab over Reality TV Podcasting? Well Reality TV Podcasts is a lot of work from managing team of hosts as I have said in the past, I cannot do everything. There was a bunch of things behind why I decided to do away with Reality TV Podcasts because it is too much and the time between sometimes seems to be not too much time to decompress. With Entertainment Man Podcast is weekly compare to Reality TV Podcast which can vary from 1 - 3 times a week. Now with Power Rangers Podcast as you know Larry and I record 3 times a year which is a total of 6 episodes a year which is enough. There is a lot of comparison between all 3 podcasts and really, I rather do weekly (Entertainment Man Podcast) which is still scheduled for June 20th, 2021 for the 3rd Season start and of course Power Rangers Collab (3 times a year).

                      Right now I am happy with the state of ChrisBOnTheWeb and I am excited for the start of podcasts back up as a lot of these have been off the air for the past 5 months or less and today is proving to work and I am proud of my management team and what has happened and I am excited for what is next for my content. This is only the start cause I just cannot wait to start Entertainment Man Podcast especially. I rather do this over Reality TV and to be brutally honest, I am now done with Reality TV Podcasts at this point. I am for the most part ready to just move on and do other projects aka podcasts and blogs. What matters in the end, I am happy, my mental health is good, I am not burning myself out in the process and I am not over doing myself on a regular basis. That is today's post, I will talk to you all tomorrow on another post. 


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