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Saturday, January 21, 2023

End of The Week Updates [01-20-2023]

              It is time for another end of the week updates. Again writing this way ahead or partially written as this week I have updates of all updates! Anyways to the updates!

Entertainment Man Podcast: Recording it's 149th and 150th episode milestone this week which is crazy to think I have come this far in the podcast for a podcast that hasn't reached 3 years being on the air. Not for another month and a week or two but still an amazing milestone to be at. 

The CBOTW Show: As you know The CBOTW Show is on the horizon and with the failure of finding two hosts for Survivor 44 and Big Brother Canada 11, I am now having second thoughts and just doing normal TV Shows and movies due to the fact I did Reality TV Podcasts from 2015 - 2020 and was ready to move on and doesn't fit  the plans I am looking at a May 2023 start with two movies to get it up and going. Official days will be announced later.

              Those are the updates for the week, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as always I will speak to you on Monday as it is a big week for us here at the studio!


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Power Rangers Collab Podcast Moving Forward!

                I know there is a ton of questions moving forward and today I am going to talk about it since it has been sort of discussed with my Co-Host in person end of last week: Power Rangers Collab right now have 5 podcasts remaining for 2022 and the normal 6 for next year but here is the schedule:


May 2022: Power Rangers: Super Samurai 

June/July 2022: Power Rangers 4th Anniversary

                   Power Rangers: Megaforce

                   Power Rangers: Super Megaforce

October 2022: Power Rangers: Dino Charge

                        Power Rangers: Super Dino Charge


February 2023: Power Rangers: Ninja Steel

                         Power Rangers: Super Ninja

June 2023: Power Rangers: Beast Morphers

                   Power Rangers: Beast Morphers Season 2

October 2023: Power Rangers: Dino Fury

                        Power Rangers: Dino Fury Season 2

               That takes us to 2024 and unknown what is next and when we will be recording and talking about Season 30 the last season of Power Rangers so we have the rest of this year and 2023 for a full year and a half left before we start to slow down. We will be doing a state of the Podcast in 2024 once we are finished with Season 30 and what's next for us. Anyways that is the update as that is as much as Larry and I can give you guys for now but we will keep you guys up to date on things.


Friday, January 21, 2022

End of The Week Update [01-21-2022]

                 Another week has passed by and now it is once again time for another end of the week updates. Now there isn't too much that has changed, Team Updates, Website stuff and Power Rangers Collab and that's about it but here are the updates for the week:

Team Updates: Now I do not have a site admin and I am now doing the site updates on my own and enjoying every moment of it actually and decided to not hire anyone new at this moment of time as I think I can handle it on my own. Also for those who are on the Facebook community group, you probably have met 2 of my newest Moderators, Amy and Jeff both old friends of mine and know how I tick I guess lol. 

Website: Since I do the site on my own, the On Demand has changed to no video now due to the player lagging like no tomorrow so the On Demand consists of the YouTube channel and now the Podcast Archives which use to be on the Podcasts tab but makes room for other collabs which I have several in mind which I will talk about next week on a post. Also team page and about ChrisBOnTheWeb has been updated with the current bios and information for you guys and if there is something off please do contact me.

Power Rangers Collab: This will be the last update for about a month till I give out another update on the collab and the simple update is I have all current podcasts edited and/or ready or has been posted up on There is one more episode coming out Monday @ 1 pm EST for you guys and will be the last episode for a at least a month to month and a half so there will be no more updates. 

                However the end of the week updates may be a tad bit dull but I will do my best to make it enjoyable to read but there is so many moving parts to what is going on behind the scenes right now and ideas are flying out of my head and excited to what is to come and you guys just gotta wait and see what is in the plans. Anyways that is my post for today, hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you guys Monday as it will be a busy week ahead of me I'm sure. 


Friday, December 10, 2021

End of The Week Updates [12-10-2021]

                  It is the end of the week and really not too many updates to report on which is an first as we usually have a ton to update you guys on and I think it is only two updates that Alexandra and I talked about but here are the updates:

Website: If and that is a big if Larry and I do record we will be doing some behind the scenes video for the On Demand feature on the website and activate it sooner then we expected. If we don't we plan to do we still will do a video explaining why we didn't do the podcast and the replacement schedule for the new year to how we are going to be recording the next 3 before we're off for a few months while we anticipate the next one.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: I continue to work on RPM and working on this podcast and I already told you guys there is no guarantee on the podcast next week as we are not going to promise something that cannot be made but again we will see how things go. I know I made a timetable but that could change. However if I do get it done by Monday then I will be sending the notes out to Larry Monday and hopefully either before Eric or see if he don't mind popping by the mail place so I can mail it out but I will try to have it done before I meet up with him. Also you guys are asking where's the collab? Where's the collab? I'm talking about the 2 other collabs still awaiting editing and posting up and that is coming up soon, I promise!

            Anyways that is all we have for the updates and we're sorry for lack of updates. Been a very stressful and depressing week for me and I am still trying to keep in good spirits and yesterday night I was in a bit of a better mood last night as I worked on the collab late and getting farther in the notes. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and small note to add to this post is I left Wednesday's blog schedule on my board for next week empty as that will be the announcement day whether I finished it or not or that could also be a day for the weight loss. I may be switching things around but till Monday, have a great weekend!


Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Unsure if Power Rangers RPM Podcast Will Be Done In Time.....

                Title says it all, I am not 100% sure we will be ready for Power Rangers RPM. We may end up having to postponing till the new year and I can and probably could give em to him at the movies possibly. However as yesterday I struggled to actually get stuff done and today I really need to get it finished and fast. Today is going to be the day I try and burn some tracks on this collab and really dig into it. It is not like it's that hard to do and if I have to delay Samurai and Super Samurai then so be it, I will. Just gotta keep digging at it and this is why plan b is now in affect to have it done by Sunday so I can send it officially to Larry and there is still hope as long as today I work hard and work super hard on this. Just gotta keep the faith, I gotta remain positive through it all that I am do it. Like the Arisa, host of Big Brother Canada would say: "You Can and You Will!" I use that to get myself motivated all the time and it helps. 

                So what if we record January and February twice? We're red hot right now and the fire is definitely lit under us to get us back up to speed. I can say this we shall be ready for June for a hopeful return of Larry in the studio to record Megaforce and Super Megaforce that's for sure. I've said it so many times that we are hopeful for a return to the studio but by March we should be all caught up and on more a steady timetable. January/February is still scheduled as it is but if we have to slip in RPM into January so be we will but for right now it's all hands on deck and Alexandra will be watching over social media in case questions pop in. I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Monday, December 6, 2021

Changes To The Collab Are Coming!

                 Come January/February 2022, this upcoming year, there are going to be changes to the collab. Now not too many changes just a bit of a change is coming. Anyways this podcast that I am working on, Power Rangers RPM, well this is the final season with 32 episodes in a season. Both Larry and I will be moving into 22 episodes a season which makes things 100 times easier for recording and also this means Power Rangers Collab seasons will more then likely be from 45 mins to an hour total per episode so it will be a shortened podcast and there will be not be hour and a half, 2 hour podcasts no more which is unfortunate but we knew that these would of been shortened up eventually but you never know. When Larry and I get talking about the seasons we go on and on quite a lot so that's one of the reasons why the podcasts are so long per episode.

               Like I said not major changes, just minor changes are being made to the beloved series of ours and excited what 2022 is going to bring for this podcast as we are doing one of our first one off's to our list and that I am actually looking forward to doing that one especially. However the format of the shows we put together 3 times a year 2 per session which equals a total of 6 episodes a year, 7 if you count this year and next year in total. So lots to look forward to and I wanted to be more upfront and honest with you guys on this that there will be a length change but nothing else is being changed. Yes sometime next year, hopefully Larry will be returning to the studio hopefully but nothing is guaranteed at this moment as we've got this new variant in the country so we're not holding our breath on this and just taking it one day at a time at this moment. That is today's post, hope you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


P.S. Thank you to all who wished me a Happy Birthday!

Friday, November 26, 2021

End of The Week Updates [11-26-2022]

                   It is the end of the week and still all over the place with things but here are the updates for this week, November 26th, 2021:

Website: Chat was permanently removed off the website as it was never once used whatsoever and it is now gone forever. It will never return on the website in the nearby future. It was a waste of our time having it there that wasn't used. Also archives went back to the single page with clickable posters of the projects that were running before they went off the air.

Entertainment Man Podcast: I should be done with the main notes the 25 episodes for next year and all I need to do is have some back up ideas ready to go in case of no interviews one of the weeks. When I finish up the notes I will record Entertainment Man Podcast for Sunday to ensure I am ready to go for Sunday. 

Power Rangers Podcast: I will be starting RPM today while I edit the podcast and prep it for post up this weekend to ensure I stay on track cause the week before we record I have to have it sent out to Larry so we can record but if anything happens then we can and will push to January. Also will start editing the collabs already done while watching RPM to get them up in a week or so as I've been holding off on them.

                  So much happening so fast and the furious as I gotta finish up the podcasts and prepare for 2022. No room to rest right now but working hard and fast to ensure I get it done and on time. I am not going to take any break and little over a week and a half I should be good to go either way. That is my update and I wrote these fast and remember another post is coming at 2 pm EST since I didn't blog yesterday so please be on the lookout for that.


Tuesday, November 16, 2021

I Messed Up....

              I want to apologize to you all for lashing out on both this website and also Power Rangers Collab. I made a threat of completely stopping Power Rangers Collab after RPM. It was unprofessional and wrong of me to lash out especially on the collab and I will get into the screenshot but it is no secret Larry and I have had issues and I think the fact yesterday I was mad at someone yesterday, I should of kept my mouth shut and not lash out on the site on both and really shows no professionalism. I realize that this morning and I realize that I have a contract and NDA with Larry for the next 2 years for this collab. I know the views not been the greatest for the last one and the screenshot on the right are the listens for the podcast on the last episode and it doesn't compare to the SPD season and it is no secret Larry and I have had some tech issues lately and it's not an excuse it's the truth we have some humming issues lately. I got a clue that is why the listens went down on the last show we did. 

                Now I can say Operation Overdrive is better and I haven't really edited the episode yet and it is work in progress and on the long list of things to do right now. I have a good feeling it'll do better this time around and views will be up. Maybe it is cause Mystic Force wasn't a fan favorite too so that could be another possibility. I attached a screenshot of the listens. 16 listens isn't really that bad to be honest and yeah we could of done better but I got that feeling that Operation Overdrive will be a ton better then the last episode. As you know Thursday will be the next podcast and always room for improvement that's for sure and excited to be covering the next episode. I do have a plan for RPM moving forward to try and better the podcast with more questions to ask Larry it'll definitely improve things. Anyways that is my post for today I will talk to you tomorrow for a movie review.


Monday, November 15, 2021

Blogs & Podcasts Ramble

                Noticed the quality of my posts have gone down and it's not great, however the fact I get noticed for my posts and most blogs are now 2 or 3 likes per tweet out and 1 - 3 via the group is good. However as you guys all know since I can't do events right now and I would like to as there is one event happening in Toronto aka the Christmas Market and I know I said I wasn't planning to cover the event but if I do go this could most definitely be a test for me to how I handle the market and make it an official first event back since December 2019 which I believe Tyrone Parade of Lights was the last but that could of definitely been the Toronto Christmas Market and also Tyrone Parade is happening but you have to drive around which is good but either way if we go to any of those, I will be sure to let you guys know and I will make sure to bring my camera with me if I go to any of those events. Maybe if I do those events again it'll bring up the views on my blog content and the site again as it was a staple here on

               Now podcasts is not a problem whatsoever, the views are great especially for Entertainment Man Podcast and proud of everything it has become but Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is slipping in listens and maybe we have been doing this too long to a point it's become irrelevant. Sorry to Larry and all of you if I offended you but starting to think our listeners are bored with the collab yet we have good conversation about episodes but I do not know if I wanna continue with this beyond RPM at this point. Feel like putting it back on hiatus and just focus on Entertainment Man Podcast for the time being? Perhaps and maybe it's that time I finally pull the plug on the collab or even better yet change things up in the notes for RPM which commences production Wednesday morning and this may be the last season I cover. Might be time to move on but I do not wanna disappoint Larry in the process.  Maybe this is something I need to do is talk to Larry about the views gone down on us and I think I will mention it. However for right now that is today's post, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

My Plan When The Studio Opens Up To Visitors Again

                My plan right now is for an April opening of the studio which will allow visitors to the studio and YES, including Larry as we plan on getting him back in studio for Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. So the plan when I open the studio is I'm going to do the unveiling of the studio as we never done that when the studio reno was finished last year. Also when a visitor arrives they will have to:

- Sign The log book and there will be a log book at a point but not right now as I need to put those together. They will have to sign their name and contact information as this is required by the health and also Government of Ontario in case someone does get sick and have to get in touch with them. Will probably in affect for at least a year. 

- Also they will have to sanitize, however some may be allergic to the sanitizer so the other option is they can wash their hands on the opposite side of the studio as we require clean hands when in studio. 

- I will be also constantly cleaning the studio not that I do it now, cause I am constantly always cleaning the space no matter what but especially with the return of visitors.

- Masks as of April will not be required but can be worn if visitors do not feel comfortable enough with them on as restrictions will be removed at the end of March next year hopefully with cases lower then they have been lately.

               There is the plan moving forward and so excited for visitors to the studio and getting podcasts back to the studio and seeing familiar faces in person. It has been a long almost 2 years and it is time for us to get back into a new normal in the way of content. That is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Friday, November 5, 2021

End of The Week Updates [11-05-2021]

                Another week has gone by and it is time for another end of the week update. Lots to update you guys, it has been a crazy week with getting work done and made some very important decisions that I have made this week but anyways here are the updates:

Website: Chat has done well and I'm sorry, I haven't been active in chat, been busy with the content but I am in there hiding out in chat and never know I may say something from time to time you never know but trying to be more interactive and transparent with you guys. As Savannah announced, 

Power Rangers Collab: This is the probably the longest of the updates but there is a ton of news that Larry and I have discussed. First of all the updates on the podcast as of right now. The plan is to finish up Jungle Fury notes and send em off next week to him and he knows that he will be waiting for em as just less then 2 weeks we record once again before a bit of a break till December. Following the conclusion of Power Rangers Jungle Fury, I am going right into RPM. I am not wasting any time to getting RPM done and sent out. Also following RPM, I will be working on Samurai and Super Samurai. Yeah I am going full force before a break is going to be required. Reminder that Larry and I are waiting to post up till both Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury are recorded. Either way, busy, busy with content. The next thing is Larry will be doing one off podcasts between the seasons and we do not know when we will record those but we will let you guys know when we plan on those. Finally some news on the forefront Larry mentioned the Sentai adaptation of Power Rangers so sounds like they will be indeed doing more seasons, Season 29 is pretty much a thing and Season 30 too so this podcast is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

                 Those are the updates for this week, most of the updates were Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast related but that is the information I have been sitting on all week and excited to tell you guys all this crazy news. I am sure Larry and I will once the one offs are done we have movies and what not to cover we have plenty of content as I wanna activate that Collab tab as it's been sitting there unclickable for quite sometime. However that is it for today, have a great weekend and talk to you all Monday!


Friday, October 1, 2021

End of The Week Updates [10-01-2021]

                   What a wild week, full of drama once again, which I will not put up with anymore. Anyways there has been technical issues as well and I will get right into that and also how Power Rangers Collab sort of went on a brief hiatus earlier in the week and that is going to be all in this post today, so without further ado here are the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: There has been a bunch of technical issues with the podcast one of them the listens not showing up showing 0 to 3 listens which now has been rectified and is fine now and really impressed on the listens honestly. I've worked so hard on this. Other issue is Stitcher which has a looping issue and I already sent an email and have been ignored about it and if it is not fixed soon, I will be pulling the podcast from Stitcher as of Tuesday morning so they have till Monday and I will be sent a second email. 

Website: Despite all the technical issues this week with podcasts the website has continued to strive with the viewership and it continues to surprise me and all is well when it comes to

Power Rangers Collab: The collab has been wavering on and off all week long but I ensure you guys that I have gone back into working on episodes and aiming for October 21st, 2021 when the next recording date is for the Collab followed by November 4th, 2021. Also I will be working right off the bat on RPM when I finish Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury so I will be getting to work right off the bat so we can get moving into the next phase which is doing new episodes in 2022. 

                   So much is happening in such a short period of time with the collab and Entertainment Man Podcast and I got no time to rest or relax as there's work to be done and I am sure just before I start working on Samurai and Super Samurai I will take a brief break but also notes for 2022 for Entertainment Man Podcast as I have yet announced anything officially as I have once again gone "radio silent" on it since the problems and an original post for 2022 was indeed scrapped all together. There will be a time and place where I will talk about 2022 but right now I need to focus on wrapping up some of the loose ends with other projects this year before I can really deep dive into planning 2022 and there are things I know that you guys do not even know about yet.  However you guys will find out soon enough! Till Monday, have a great weekend everyone! 


Thursday, August 5, 2021

Collaboration Podcast Update [08-05-2021]

               I have an update on the Collaboration Podcast that Larry and I do, yes Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. I have completed Mystic Force this morning and was up all night finishing up on this season. So I have the next set of updates what I have planned that may sound different from my Instagram Stories but here are the updates:

Operation Overdrive:  I am starting up Operation Overdrive from the time I get up today and I am aiming to finish up by end of the weekend and this is one season I am personally excited for actually. My goal is 3 days to get it done. 

Jungle Fury: So this is the final season before I start typing up the notes for the 3 season and will be a bit of a break from watching which I will get to. Anyways I am aiming for mid week to end of the week to work on this season and get it completed. 

               Now I mentioned a break with the project and yes, after I am finished with Jungle Fury and typing up the notes, I plan to go on a break till at least October to Mid October of this year from anything related to the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and I need this break before getting geared up for RPM and I may throw in there Samurai and Super Samurai in there towards the end of the year so I am ready to go with the Collab which it is right now unknown if him and I were back in studio together and that is unclear at this moment. But back to the notes, I should have em done by mid September and sent out to Larry by then so he has the next 3 set of notes plus Dino Thunder and the 3 year anniversary podcasts he doesn't have at this point. Anyways that is the updates and I will continue to keep you guys up to date on things as things progress over the next few months as we enter the fall soon. I will talk to you all tomorrow with an update with the Minecraft World what my niece and nephew have done to the property.


Thursday, July 29, 2021

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Release Schedule (August 2021)

               I know with the SPD Podcast looming within a day from now you wanna know the timetable for release. Well first of all, I wanna set the record straight that we had to split the SPD Podcast into 2. Yeah, we had 60 + pages of notes which sets a new record for us. So instead of doing it in one, we're going to try two podcasts instead and hopefully this goes well with us but we are not planning to do this again in the very near future as this could become a total fail all together but this isn't nor the time or place to be negative really. Anyways the schedule will be looking like this:

Friday, August 6th, 2021, 1 pm EST: Power Rangers SPD (Part 1, First 19 Episodes)

Friday, August 13th, 2021, 1 pm EST: Power Rangers SPD (Part 2, Episodes 20 - 38)

              Yeah there is a 2 part episode and I am questioning my judgement of breaking it down into two parts and this is why I need to make sure moving forward to make sure it's one part not any of these two part episodes anymore. It's ridiculous to be splitting it into 2 parts and I got that weird feeling this isn't going to go over well but it is what it is and we had to split but we will see what happens it hasn't been recorded as of yet. Still it'll be fun tonight and this gives me a week to edit the podcast(s) and get them out at a timely matter. I hope you enjoyed my blog today and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Power Rangers & The Collab

                These seasons are the ones, I started to wonder why did I continue the collaboration podcast. However since the views are there, we are doing this for you guys, the fans. The podcasts popularity is through the rough. You know I really had bad first impressions of SPD till I watched it and actually enjoyed it and when you guys hear the podcast as we make a ton a references to the original 3 seasons but you have to wait till it is recorded and released for you guys. Guess the saying don't judge a book by it's cover. Yeah we could of skipped this season in total but then I know you guys wouldn't be that happy with me if we skipped over a season of Power Rangers. We both wanna do every season of Power Rangers right to the end of the 28 seasons which we are going to address in a podcast or even a video one way or another and if we get a chance Thursday we will record it, we have to discuss this again before we decide and I think it will be podcast format for the most part but might be video that isn't decided yet. 

                   With the movement of the next collab and getting geared up ready to go for Thursday which the announcement is coming Thursday morning with a brief announcement that I also have. Either way I am enjoying it so far and going to try make a good run to get it done in a few days then working on Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury and RPM so I can start typing up notes and get em done. I start when I get up to at least 3 pm to when I get tired and need to stop for the day. Today I hope to finish up to 10 episodes and I stopped for an hour to write a couple of blogs so I have this one and at least tomorrow's done and finished. Hopefully before summer is done I will actually be done watching all the seasons of Power Rangers, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury & RPM. Anyways that is my post for today, I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Are Larry and I Going to Cover The Power Rangers Movies

                You know the answer to this and it's been spoken about the past year and half now. The answer is YES! We are indeed planning to actually cover the movie sooner but this pandemic, COVID-19 happened and we were swamped with a few things 1 of them being the fact we had to change the setting from being in studio to online plus falling so far behind on our schedule for each year, we had to play catch up so the movies have ended up on the backburner at this moment. However as I mentioned last week with the most recent meeting with Larry and it is clear that there is a possibility of Power Rangers stopping with new seasons or being cancelled but it is not 100% clear and I am thinking that there getting to the end of Sentai footage. However as I have said on social media both him and I have 21 ideas for Power Ranges Collaboration Podcast and 3 of them are indeed the movies which as follows:

  • Power Rangers The Movie (1995)
  • Power Rangers Turbo Movie (1997)
  • Power Rangers Movie (2017) 
                So those are the 3 movies we want to cover and by then, we will have another movie on the list I'm sure as they have spoken about the movie having a second movie. So what it sounds like, they may just focus on movies instead of the series. So moving forward off the seasons itself, if they stop making newer seasons, then we can most definitely do the movies. What I'm saying we can most certainly keep the podcast active on the list but it won't be as often but as for your question, yes him and I are planning on the movies just the question is when will we get the chance to do the movie and it sounds like beyond February 2023 we will be continuing this podcast on it's part time status. We, meaning Larry and I have an Agreement till January 1st, 2024 so we still got another 2 years in the books so plenty of the collab to happen, don't worry. 


Friday, July 16, 2021

Larry's Not Going Anywhere!

                After last night, I can say this, Larry isn't going anywhere anytime soon! As you know I did some research to find out there is a possibility that Power Rangers could be cancelled after 28 Seasons which we hope it isn't. Larry and I reviewed our schedule and we are timetabled till February 2023 at this point with Power Rangers Dino Fury being the most recent season. I am not going to say it's over, I am just going to wait it out. The reason we met on Skype which you guys didn't know this was an actual thing going down last night. We spent a good 2.5 hours on a call coming up with some of the ideas. We came up with 21 Power Rangers One Off Podcast ideas which will keep you guys happy for a little while. Also we have 2 new series ideas that could be a great idea down the road and one of them is indeed Ghostwriter TV Series that I have actually mentioned before in the past and it is no rumor, it is totally true.

              One last thing I wanna address is whenever Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast does end and it will happen I'm sure one day down the road but what matters right now is the podcast is here for now and when that days comes, Larry and I are going to be taking a break from TV Series for up to 6 months, maybe up to an entire year. It depends how long we need to take a break from longer series. However we will probably from time to time do some of our movies and other collaborations I am sure we will do one here and there but what really does matter is Larry isn't going anywhere, he is continuing to be a part of the CBOTW Content Team and excited to collaborate with him on other amazing podcasts. I am not going to tell you guys exactly the topics yet but I will be sure to tell you guys soon as we reach that point. I wanted to let you guys know, we got a plan moving forward. Till Monday, have a great weekend!


Thursday, July 15, 2021

New Schedule For Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Moving Forward!

                I know I gave you guys a schedule and it's pinned to the top of the social medias, however with the amount of episodes to do to catch up, I schemed up this idea to put two of the podcasts together for February 2022 when Larry and I resume recording those next year. So in retrospective there is only about 5 Seasons to catch up with and this schedule is more then fair to be honest. Anyways it is just a loose schedule for right now and I will be getting more information but this is something we can follow right into December: 

Thursday, July 29th, 2021: Power Rangers SPD

Thursday, Oct 14th, 2021: Power Rangers Mystic Force

Thursday, Nov 4th, 2021 or Thursday, Nov 11th, 2021: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Thursday, Nov 25th, 2021: Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Thursday, Dec 9th, 2021: Power Rangers RPM

                 I know Samurai is not on the timetable for this year at this point and that is because I have decided to do the back to back with Samurai and Super Samurai as they usually go together as it is two seasons of the Samurai series. As we did with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers we will be doing them separate as we did with our original 3 podcasts if that makes any sense to you guys. This will go with Megaforce, Super Megaforce, Dino Charge, Super Dino Charge and so on. This gives me 2.5 months to finish up a pile of the podcasts and get into the others and ready for future podcasts with Larry. He agreed to this timetable change as he is my Co-Host and I think this makes it a lot easier for us to catch right back up with the seasons. I will talk to you all tomorrow morning!


Thursday, June 3, 2021

Today Is The Day! Power Rangers Collab Podcast 3 Year Anniversary!

                Today marks 3 years of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast started! Yes I am recording the podcast today, more like tonight with Larry and yes this is 2 weeks apart from the last podcast and him and I recorded. Am I excited for recording this special episode? Of course! We never once celebrated our anniversary of the podcast nor even once mentioned over the course of the last 3 years and this is the first time we actually acknowledged an anniversary and it was our own fault as we got too carried away with enjoying recording the episodes and the fact this is the 3 year mark for us is sort of special to us honestly. 3 Years is a long time, well not a long time but a good amount of time with this project. To be honest finding this project still a ton of fun regardless and I thought I'd been burned out with this but no, still loving watching this and really this given me the opportunities to see other seasons and at this point, I haven't seen the seasons in full minus a couple of the team ups like in Megaforce and Ninja Steel "Dimensions In Danger" the team up in Operation Overdrive. However full seasons not yet but least I am aware of the team ups. 

                It is funny that both Larry and I chose this day to start Power Rangers Collab which at one point was part of The CBOTW Show which didn't even last more then a year. Also this was the day that The Entertainment Man Talk Show filmed the Season 6 and Series Finale. No clue what the heck we picked that day and perhaps we will never know why we picked this day in general. Maybe we just did not realize this was the day we were up at the railway yard filming and/or we have just moved on from that series and just totally forgotten about that but it is worth mentioning on the podcast to be honest. I thought I'd mention this and might mention it tonight but you never know with me, however I may just forget about it but hopefully will remember this little fun fact. Either way I am excited for the anniversary and will let you all know when we're putting it up on social media as always. 


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Why Did I Chose Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collab Over Reality TV Podcasting?

                  This has been topic on my mind for a while now and this is the reason why I decided to make it. The question of the day is why did I chose Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collab over Reality TV Podcasting? Well Reality TV Podcasts is a lot of work from managing team of hosts as I have said in the past, I cannot do everything. There was a bunch of things behind why I decided to do away with Reality TV Podcasts because it is too much and the time between sometimes seems to be not too much time to decompress. With Entertainment Man Podcast is weekly compare to Reality TV Podcast which can vary from 1 - 3 times a week. Now with Power Rangers Podcast as you know Larry and I record 3 times a year which is a total of 6 episodes a year which is enough. There is a lot of comparison between all 3 podcasts and really, I rather do weekly (Entertainment Man Podcast) which is still scheduled for June 20th, 2021 for the 3rd Season start and of course Power Rangers Collab (3 times a year).

                      Right now I am happy with the state of ChrisBOnTheWeb and I am excited for the start of podcasts back up as a lot of these have been off the air for the past 5 months or less and today is proving to work and I am proud of my management team and what has happened and I am excited for what is next for my content. This is only the start cause I just cannot wait to start Entertainment Man Podcast especially. I rather do this over Reality TV and to be brutally honest, I am now done with Reality TV Podcasts at this point. I am for the most part ready to just move on and do other projects aka podcasts and blogs. What matters in the end, I am happy, my mental health is good, I am not burning myself out in the process and I am not over doing myself on a regular basis. That is today's post, I will talk to you all tomorrow on another post.