Thursday, August 5, 2021

Collaboration Podcast Update [08-05-2021]

               I have an update on the Collaboration Podcast that Larry and I do, yes Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. I have completed Mystic Force this morning and was up all night finishing up on this season. So I have the next set of updates what I have planned that may sound different from my Instagram Stories but here are the updates:

Operation Overdrive:  I am starting up Operation Overdrive from the time I get up today and I am aiming to finish up by end of the weekend and this is one season I am personally excited for actually. My goal is 3 days to get it done. 

Jungle Fury: So this is the final season before I start typing up the notes for the 3 season and will be a bit of a break from watching which I will get to. Anyways I am aiming for mid week to end of the week to work on this season and get it completed. 

               Now I mentioned a break with the project and yes, after I am finished with Jungle Fury and typing up the notes, I plan to go on a break till at least October to Mid October of this year from anything related to the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and I need this break before getting geared up for RPM and I may throw in there Samurai and Super Samurai in there towards the end of the year so I am ready to go with the Collab which it is right now unknown if him and I were back in studio together and that is unclear at this moment. But back to the notes, I should have em done by mid September and sent out to Larry by then so he has the next 3 set of notes plus Dino Thunder and the 3 year anniversary podcasts he doesn't have at this point. Anyways that is the updates and I will continue to keep you guys up to date on things as things progress over the next few months as we enter the fall soon. I will talk to you all tomorrow with an update with the Minecraft World what my niece and nephew have done to the property.


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