Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Preparing For The Studio Re-Opening...

              With cases of this pandemic low here in Ontario in the 100's and 200's, it has really made me think about re-opening the studio again down the road and the goal to having the studio open to Larry especially with Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast, I'd love to see Larry back in the studio finally and that time is coming, I feel it. Now there we will be some things, we may not/will be needing by January/February 2022: 

- Needing masks but if we do we will wear it. I do not wanna jump too far ahead of myself but if it is required and he's able to be here again then we will for sure. 

- Sanitizing- Will be requiring to sanitize going into the studio and there is no ands if's and bouts either.

- Guests, Larry for example will have to bring their own earbuds or headphones to plug into the mixer, I am not providing headphones at this time and wanna make sure to not spread any germs whatsoever.

- The area will be sanitized at the end of the day to ensure cleanliness  in the studio. 

              This is the plan for re-opening the studio again once we are allowed to be closer to each other and how I am approaching re-opening up things and how I will keep things sanitary in the studio when things do open up. If you guys have any other ideas what I can add to this list please do comment below, anything helps and I will add em to the post as well. Either way I am excited to be welcoming back Larry and the other Alum and Staff of CBOTW soon enough and it will probably be happening soon enough I'm sure as I am feeling it but for right now we continue to record the shows through Skype/Discord at this time. 


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