Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Original Post Got Cancelled So I'm Not Sure What To Say....

            The Original post I had at one point was about me streaming on Twitch but since now I am now not streaming video games at this moment and probably more then likely will not be streaming anymore especially with the way my net and computer is, it just cannot handle it apparently. I do need a new PC eventually. It's not cheap to pay for one getting it built by Canada Computers like 4200 bucks and that's quite a good amount of money and I need to save up money. Any money that I save on the side here is going towards a brand new computer and Gaming Computer. I am not really sure if I wanna continue on with this website to be honest... I am just sick of all of this and over CBOTW. I hate to say it, because you guys know I love what I do on a daily basis. This has nothing to do with Savannah who recently came back to help as Site Admin and of course Larry who is my dedicated Senior Producer and Co-Host. 

              The last year and a half almost has been nothing but drama and I am just sick of it and I really, really want to actually make it to the 10 year anniversary and show to the haters out there, haha I made it 10 years without closing up shop. It was around this time period 2 years almost when the other team went down and I really do not wanna end up in the same fate as The Video Projects Team did November 13th, 2014 the day before CBOTW became a thing almost 7 years ago. Just sick of all the drama, I want and calling for some Community Unity where there is no more fighting. Remember we do have that Terms of Use which can be found at the bottom of ChrisBOnTheWeb.com and this all has to stop, no more drama, I am getting to a point of not being able to handle this all over again. I have temporarily stepped down from the Admin role on my Facebook group and still am on there either way.


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