Monday, August 2, 2021

Halton County Radial Museum Opening Weekend!

     It has been nearly 2 years since I have been able to go to the Halton Radial Museum and the picture on the left side is a picture almost 2 years ago, this was October 13th, 2019 when we were at Halton County Radial Museum and yes I had a goatee then which right now it's just my stache at this moment of time since it is summer after all. When I got the word about Streetcar Museum was doing a Soft Opening, I was so thrilled and wanted to go in the back of my mind. My dad mentioned we can go if you want. I was hesitant with this pandemic still ongoing and cases gone up a bit recently but I realized we're masked and social distancing so really I had nothing to worry about. The way I think of it  it is an outing and got my out of the house for a several hours and was nice to be in the car and out for a ride.

            Now to this present day, there was rain on the way there and we got there to Halton County Radial Museum the rain subsided. We checked in and showed our tickets and did our COVID-19 questionnaire to ensure we're good to be there.  We then proceeded into the barn and looked around. A lot of the displays have been moved about in the main barn as they have added the CLRV's (Canadian Light Rail Vehicles) and ALRV (Articulated Light Rail Vehicle) and some are going to the States but due to our borders being closed they are being stored in at the museum and I took a picture of them. I grew up with the CLRV's and ALRV's most of my life and I know I probably have been on the PCC. It is so amazing to see so many changes to the museum over the course of the pandemic and they sure have been busy working on changes to it. Also 4040 which is the CLRV Streetcar that my toque went for a ride and my dad and I had to go chase all over the city of Toronto to get it back. Another story for another day. Either way I give a big applaud to Halton County Radial Museum and the hard work they have done during the time they closed and was very honored to return once again. I really missed going there and it was an honor to return and do another amazing post. Few more things is the progress they have made with their restoration projects and how far they have gone. Also by the barn there is a streetcar that's sadly rusted away but the vine growing on the streetcar it looks really cool actually you can see a bit of the windshield a tad. Anyways that's my post for today, hope you enjoyed it and will talk to you all tomorrow.


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