Friday, July 30, 2021

Trying To Figure Out Some Things...

               You might of not know but I have the domain for another 2 years then it's renewal time once again to ensure I renew it in 2022. I can be honest with you guys, I am 50/50 on making a business decision with ChrisBOnTheWeb which is actually renewing the domain and spending the money to renew it for 10 years which is a very very long time, takes the website to CBOTW's 20th Anniversary in 2034. I have to think strategic with it and I have to do what's best. I have some money saved aside for it but I have to make sure I wanna continue for the long run and I do. Yes, ChrisBOnTheWeb is doing quite well and the views are there and in the back of my mind I can see the 10 Year Anniversary it is not that far from it, 3 years to be exact. I just do not wanna make the wrong move and renew the domain for 10 years and then end up quitting and  screwing myself out of the money for it. That is my dilemma because back then when I had the other team, it was a mess and I ended the team and had a domain already and had to cancel it which I didn't even get my money back and I should of known better.

              So I have to really think things through to really come up with a decision if it is in my best interest to renew for that length of time and I am pretty sure it will be around. There is no plans to end it anytime soon as I am in a good place but again I am going to weigh the pros and cons of deciding to go with a more long term plan. I think this is definitely the time to think long term for because I have it set on the site where I am actually happy with the state of the site and not planning to change anything on the website at this point.  However I have sometime to weigh the options. Anyways that is my post for today I will talk to you all on Monday with a very special post for the first time in 16 months, till then have a great weekend! 


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