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Sunday, October 9, 2022

Halton County Radial Museum 2022

              Yesterday, I got to go to the Halton County Radial Museum with my dad. It was a fun time. I really enjoyed the colours and just being out of the studio for the day. I needed to get out and about. The colours was beautiful, even as great as Silent Lake trip that I took days before, the Tuesday which was like what, 4 days prior perhaps? It is hard to do math at almost 6 in the morning writing this post so it is out at 11 am EST in this morning when you guys are actually reading this post. The Streetcars we were on were Cars 2894, a Shorter Peter Witt Streetcar, 4039 a CLRV Car, Canadian Light Rail Vehicle and 8 Car a Radial car that ran in London and Port Stanley.

            We actually did all the streetcar rides first then we walked around in the barns there where the Subway was and what not. Then we actually did one more trip and got off walked around and we took pictures as well. I also did some Instagram Stories and an Reel that actually went out to everyone after we left as the service was in and out and that's OK, as long as it goes out later that is what actually matters to you guys. I got a ton of new followers and lost some in the process but it happens. I wanna thank you all that liked my posts across all the platforms yesterday, I was overwhelmed as my phone was going off like crazy but had a big smile to see all the reaction to the pictures. I will talk to you all tomorrow!




Monday, August 2, 2021

Halton County Radial Museum Opening Weekend!

     It has been nearly 2 years since I have been able to go to the Halton Radial Museum and the picture on the left side is a picture almost 2 years ago, this was October 13th, 2019 when we were at Halton County Radial Museum and yes I had a goatee then which right now it's just my stache at this moment of time since it is summer after all. When I got the word about Streetcar Museum was doing a Soft Opening, I was so thrilled and wanted to go in the back of my mind. My dad mentioned we can go if you want. I was hesitant with this pandemic still ongoing and cases gone up a bit recently but I realized we're masked and social distancing so really I had nothing to worry about. The way I think of it  it is an outing and got my out of the house for a several hours and was nice to be in the car and out for a ride.

            Now to this present day, there was rain on the way there and we got there to Halton County Radial Museum the rain subsided. We checked in and showed our tickets and did our COVID-19 questionnaire to ensure we're good to be there.  We then proceeded into the barn and looked around. A lot of the displays have been moved about in the main barn as they have added the CLRV's (Canadian Light Rail Vehicles) and ALRV (Articulated Light Rail Vehicle) and some are going to the States but due to our borders being closed they are being stored in at the museum and I took a picture of them. I grew up with the CLRV's and ALRV's most of my life and I know I probably have been on the PCC. It is so amazing to see so many changes to the museum over the course of the pandemic and they sure have been busy working on changes to it. Also 4040 which is the CLRV Streetcar that my toque went for a ride and my dad and I had to go chase all over the city of Toronto to get it back. Another story for another day. Either way I give a big applaud to Halton County Radial Museum and the hard work they have done during the time they closed and was very honored to return once again. I really missed going there and it was an honor to return and do another amazing post. Few more things is the progress they have made with their restoration projects and how far they have gone. Also by the barn there is a streetcar that's sadly rusted away but the vine growing on the streetcar it looks really cool actually you can see a bit of the windshield a tad. Anyways that's my post for today, hope you enjoyed it and will talk to you all tomorrow.


Sunday, October 13, 2019

Halton County Radial Museum 2019

             Yesterday, I got to go all the way out to Halton Hills Ontario where I got to go back to the Halton County Radial Museum with my dad! Now I had my lynard last year but I did not apparently blog about it for some strange reason that wasn't on the list of blogs as I did a search for it and nothing came up but the 2017 so makes me wonder if we actually went last year and I am pretty much sure we did but I must of not taken any notes and I didn't post whatsoever so it has been 2 years now now. Anyways we got stuck in some major traffic jams so it took us definitely longer to get there and less to spend as I felt like there was a bit more of a rush this year at the Streetcar Museum but that could just be me honestly. Anyways we jumped on the 4600 which was under a repaint job and honestly I am excited to see it all newly repainted 4600, a PCC which was originally a 4500 when it ran for the TTC. We did switch to the 2894 a Peter Witt Streetcar that ran in 1923 to go all the way back

Then we got back grabbed some lunch and also we looked at the shop where they were repairing Car 4 a London and Port Stanley which is under repairs currently. Also 217 still being worked on in the shop along with now 4611 which had no wheels on whatsoever so it is being worked on so it is definitely nice to see vehicles being worked and and potentially going to be running along the line at the Halton County Radial Museum in the very nearby future. Then we took the 8 back down the line and back before looking in the barns and before one last trip down the line and our way back home.

       So we looked in the barns, the streetcars that are no longer in service or would have to be towed out to be used as there is no wires that is above that goes to the barn all the way to the main line as that area does not have the proper electric lines right now. This also includes 1326, 55, 7 Chicago Train, Subways 5300, 5301, Subways 5098 and 5099. Also our local work train as you guys didn't know we once here had a railway here with streetcars way back into the day. There are many other trains like the Montreal train sitting there, 23. But that was behind and there is the original part of the barn that was there before Barn 4 and it had PCC Streetcar 4000 which is definitely one of my favorites of all times along with 327 and several of them that have to be repaired but love how they are going to start fixing them up slowly but surely! Finally I also asked about the CLRV streetcars that is now slowly retiring and that they are getting some streetcars of theirs soon. Overall the day was a fun day and next weekend I am going to have ton of content for you guys so be sure to stay tuned so I will see you on tomorrow's blog post.


Monday, October 9, 2017

Halton Radial Museum 2017

              Today's blog post is a 2 in 1 blog post today and I want to first of all talk about the Halton Radial Museum. We paid for our ticket for our time at the museum and we had to wait for our lunch as they were warming up more wieners for us... So we ended up going to peak from the opening of the maintenance when one of the volunteers invited us in to take a peak. Saw a old Diesel that is being fixed up and will be static which means it will not be used for the line for rides. Also a TTC Service vehicle was in the maintenance barn and I don't think it was there for repairs, just there in case they need it as it looked in great condition.
Next it had the # 4 London and Port Stanley just like # 8 which that one was built in 1915.  One of the big projects they were working on was a TTC # 416 which was a cottage like streetcar built in 1923. We then got 2424 which is a Peter Witt built in 1921 and was in a movie, now do not ask me what movie, because I do not have a complete clue. Originally had wooden seats, wood replaced on the frame of the streetcar. This also had a coal stove at one point back in the day and now has electrical heating under the seats. The following cars I believe are able to run or close to be running, 4611 (PCC), 327 (Outdoor Streetcar), 2984 (Needs repairs) Also the plow which I know runs in the winter season, 4000 the presidents conference car , 497, a bus I think if I am correct, 23 outdoor car, 792 Ford bus and the list goes on and on, including the 2 original streetcars 1326 & 55 streetcars and I believe I was on 1326 when we first started going there way back in the mid 2000's maybe earlier then that. Also our local work car that use to run up and down the line here back in the 50's and 60's # 45 that did the wiring for streetcars was on the railway. There was 5098 - 5099 Gloucester cars from England 1953 and 5300 - 5301 Hawker Siddley built in 1962 and trust me I have and probably been on these two trains in the 90's at some point of my life growing up. 

                I had ice cream on the second trip out on the 2424 once again and was an ice cream I have never tried in my life time Peanut Butter and Chocolate which honestly was sooo good and I really did enjoy it! I actually would have it again in the future and who thought peanut butter and chocolate would really mesh together but I actually did enjoy it and think it was fairly new on the 4618 a PCC Streetcar which is now converted as a Ice Cream shop with a majority of the seats still in so you can sit down. Afterwards we went to the frog pond which there was no frogs visible but there are frogs when they are in mating season but had to take a picture of myself up on the rock with the sign behind me of course and I took a picture of myself last year at the exact same spot last fall on the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend.

We then got onto the 4600 PCC Streetcar which suddenly replaced the other Peter Witt Streetcar and went back to were we started. We got onto the # 8 Streetcar which is another London and Port Stanley Streetcar built in 1915, which this streetcar is now 102 years old and was shipped in parts just like 4618 was which was neat, it had something to do with they couldn't ship it fully built due to taxes apparently. So that was my day and I apologize for the lengthy post and I will talk about Canadian Thanksgiving on top of the South Simcoe Railway post later on and I'm sorry its 2 days late as I got home and I was really tired to do a post and I procrastinated too long to post but back up on schedule for today and the podcast is caught up so today is going to be a great day and a great day for another blog post!